• amazing-magenta-fractal-door-312601
    Ok, thanks and will try.
    February 2017
  • stellar-infrared-tartan-chair
    can i chat somewhere?
    May 2016
  • generous-tan-argyle-stickbug-342226
    Thanks for referring me to RingPlus.  I signed up about six weeks ago and have been very happy with RingPlus so far.  I have since upgraded to the Buffet-1 plan and I am very delighted with the great value that R+ offers.
    April 2016
  • chatmsd changed their profile picture.
    March 2016
  • Vish
    chatmsd, thanks for referring me to RingPlus.  I just signed up today for the Momentum plan.  It is a really great plan.  I was able to activate my iphone without much difficulty.  The registration process was very smooth and easy.  My phone is working great.  I love what I have seen and learned of R+ so far.
    March 2016