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    Hi Mmfacemm

    Thanks for respond to my posting. I bought Tribute HD from BestBuy and it has SPRINT name. It was unlocked at the time purchase.

    Does it come with default SIM card?

    How do I test, whether it has a SIM card or not.?

    August 2017
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    Hi Mmfacemm,

    I am winner to our iPhone give away!

    I was in contact with PSantos. They sent me phones, but they were iCloud locked. So I sent them back and PSantos told me that he is going to send me replacement. But I have not send any replacement and now, I am not hearing anything back from PSantos.

    Do you know whom should I contact?

    August 2017
  • brisut

    Hi There,

    Could you send me the information that I would need for a referral to Twigby?


    February 2017
  • B_O_S_S

    Thank you you for your input but let me correct one think.  

    Yes, I didn't cancel the phone which resulted in five monthly billings.  Remember, I was attempting add a paid service to the two phones I had with ring plus. When I discovered the charges, three months @ $25.00 (approx.) I cancelled the card to stop further charges. 

    The phone was never activated. I communicated this to RingPlus who responded that they would never bill me for a service not activated. I didn't deactivate the line because I wanted the line activated and the charges to go to service for this line.

    ln November 2016, RingPlus discontinued the plans on my two free plans. In December 2016 I choose new plans and added a new credit card to deposit funds in these plans. As soon as I did this Ring Plus charged two more months for the non-activated phone. 

    Its been my experience when a billing problem occurs you make the company aware of the problem and thru communications the problem is resolved. Had RingPlus been responsive we wouldn't be in this debacle. It should have been resolved months ago.

    In December 2016 I asked my bank to get involved. The bank advised I should give RingPlus the opportunity to resolve the issue.  I once again called RingPlus who advised no one would answer the phone and to use chat or open a ticket.  I attempted to use chat but after waiting an hour gave up.  I then opened a fourth ticket and received a response that RingPlus would respond within 24 hours. Keep in mind I had already opened three prior tickets which were closed by RingPlus and marked resolved. 

    In January, 2017, I again contacted my bank and asked for their assistance.  The bank charged back three months charges but stated the remaining months were too old. 

    On January 27, 2017, I received two emails from RingPlus. The first

    Your lines have been closed due to recent chargeback activity in violation of RingPlus' Terms and Conditions: 
    23. You agree not to initiate any chargeback without first trying to resolve your issue with RingPlus support staff as chargebacks harm the community as a whole. 
    Two of the disputed charges were already refunded to you. Please do not register additional lines as these lines will too be deactivated.  

    The second "Dear Kenneth Fuller,  Your ticket - Disputed Credit Card Transaction -  has been closed.  We hope that the ticket was resolved to your satisfaction.   Sincerely, RingPlus Support Team"

    Now I realize there are thing I could have done better. But before I asked my bank to get involved resulting in three charges backs, I repeatedly asked RingPlus for relief in October 2016, twice in November 2016 and once in December 2016. I received one response that RingPlus would not charge for a phone that could not be activated.  That's it. No other communication. I submitted three additional tickets that received no response from RingPlus. 

    It wasn't until charged backs occurred that RingPlus communicated. Their response was unexpected. I had resolved myself that two months charges were lost, and, second that RingPlus retaliated by cancelling my other phone and adding not to register additional phones as they would be deactivated as well.

    The really interesting part, I'm a small business owner and I purchased two IPhones from RingPlus, registered on free plans, to see if RingPlus was a good alternative. The service was great and my attempt to sign up for a paid plan was the first step to moving all my business cell phones from AAT to RingPlus.  I did do one think right, I didn't move all my phones a one time. 

    I appologize for this lengthily response but it's not an easy topic. 

    Kind Regards - KF
    January 2017
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