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  • Can we have SMS Alert kinda thing? It would be some awesome to receive alerts via SMS whenever new Promos for Ringplus comes.
    Like a bulk broadcast via SMS to people who subscribe to it.
    But, Then again, I doubt many people will like it though, most people just use email these day
  • I have signed up on two accounts  ,, but didn't get last Sundays promo
  • joseph1joseph1 MVP 33
    edited August 2016
    The promo email list has once again stopped working, with no emails for the last two promos.
  • Just started working again. Received the Double or Cut 8 e-mail.
  • Mark0Mark0 Pro 5
    edited August 2016
    Can we have SMS Alert kinda thing?

    Sign up for the email alert and make a message rule to forward it to your phone number It'll only display a few lines of text but you'd get the idea there's a promo about to happen .
  • Can't access the dashboard? Also Ring Plus app, my RP not working? Both??
  • ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • This isn't working... I sign up, but I never get the confirmation email.
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