Avido Premium HD Earphones with In-Line Remote (Hard Case Included) 29.95

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Available now at the RingPlus Store, the Avido Premium HD Earphones w/ In-Line Remote (Hard Case Included). On sale for just $29.95!

Current RingPlus customers- be on the lookout for a special coupon deal available when calling out using your RingPlus phone. 

  • Premium Earbuds for High Sound Quality featuring HD Audio & Clean Bass Technology
  • Noise cancelling soft inner earbuds provides optimal comfort fit to your ears, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted music on the go
  • Built in Microphone and Multifunction Control: Answer Calls | End Calls | Fast Forward | Rewind | Pause | Play | Volume Control
  • Ideal for All Apple Devices | Androids Smartphone | Windows Phone | MP3/MP4 Player | Portable Musics Player (Please note: Remote functions vary and may not be available on all devices)
  • Included: Avido™ In-Ear Premium Earphones, Hard Case, and 3 (S, M, L) Ear Tips

Any questions? My name is Kevin from Avido and I will be happy to assist. Feel free to ask in the comments below or direct message me about any of our products. 

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  • hungryghosthungryghost All Star 87
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    @AvidoPower , just an idea, but maybe you guys could send out some freebie (or discounted) review units out to a few (reputable) RP Social users, in exchange for an honest, thorough review of the product (to be shared in the forums). I'm thinking something similar to Amazon's Vine Program, but targeted to RP users. I'm sure there would be some eager users who'd love to put together a good, honest review (assuming the product is indeed "good"). Reviews like that may help others who are unsure about Avido products (who may be unfamiliar with the brand). Also, speaking from experience (I'm kind of an audio snob), I know there's a huge difference in quality between these kinds of products, and I'd personally want to either test it out myself or read a detailed (trusted) review. Anyway, just a suggestion.

    Btw, I'm not offering myself up as a review candidate. I'll pass, so as to avoid any perception of bias or conflict of interest. But I'm sure there'd be plenty of others who'd be interested!
  • maybe r+ could have the mods or some member+ test them out. 
  • Hi @hungryghost and @bluetooth-cyan-argyle-fireworks-396438 Thanks for this idea. We like it! We will be in touch with RP directly to see how best to execute. I totally agree with you, the best endorsement is from RP user's themselves. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 221
    Anyone bought these earphones?  It says noise canceling.  Wonder how well it works when flying.
  • AvidoPowerAvidoPower Novice 3
    @hhfpphone Just to clarify, these have passive, not active, noise cancelling earbuds. To clarify, they don't take a battery to actively provide noise cancellation. However, our tests have shown that they do an excellent job of reducing about 80-85% of exterior noise based off of the shape and fit of the earbud itself. As an unbiased opinion, they are some of the best earphones you can buy for the price. 
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