RP Samara - App for keeping track of usage (Android only)

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Link to app... highly recommend it!

The download is free and most functions are free.
You can upgrade for life and it is only $1.99.


To pay for the above app or any other app in the Google Play Store, download the Google survey app and they pay you to answer their questions. Not much, but maybe a few $'s a month.



This is a 3rd party app created by @hungryghost ;;;;;;;;

Not officially endorsed by R+

App has been around since 2014




  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 222

    Don't forget to mention the SMS solution too for the Apple and Windows phone users.

  • hungryghosthungryghost All Star 88

    Hah, I didn't even notice this post. So my app is a Deal?! :+1:

    I do recommend the Google Surveys app though. It's an easy way to build up free Play Store credit!

  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 222

    Yes, your Samara App and the SMS thing for checking data balance is AWESOME!!!

  • pkriegpkrieg Novice 0

    @hungryhost, Your app is great! Thanks for the continual updates. I am sure it is tough to keep up with all the promos.

  • subhobrotosubhobroto Ethical Committee 80

    The Premium version of the app is more than worth the one time $2 payment. It gets you lifetime subscription. @hungryghost is extremely responsive and proactive with the feedback from the community.

    A great tool in a R+ member's box. Highly recommended.

  • ChuckChuck Pro 14

    Maybe it's time to put the Premium on Sale again?

  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 222

    Discount from $2?!? :smiley:

  • hungryghosthungryghost All Star 88

    Maybe it's time to put the Premium on Sale again?

    Ahh, maybe. But I think I forgot to cancel the last sale price. It used to be $2.99! ;)

  • What comes with the Premium?

  • mannzac1:
    What comes with the Premium?

    It also removes all the limits imposed on Free users

    Free Users

     • Access to most features with a few restrictions
     • History limited to one week
     • Usage alerts limited to one alert per phone number
     • No usage forecast
     • No overage cost estimates
  • hungryghosthungryghost All Star 88
    What comes with the Premium?
    What @neurolizer said. Basically, premium gives you some extended functionality. Most people will be fine with the free version though. Premium is mostly there if you want lots of detailed history or more complex (multiple layers) of alerts. Some people like the Forecast feature too, but my guess is that Forecast is the least used of the Premium features. Other than that, free is basically the same as premium. Oh yeah, buying premium also makes you feel good inside! :smile: 
  • ChuckChuck Pro 14
    Lifetime Member+ doesn't show in the app?
  • GilGil Novice 0
    this is really great
  • hungryghosthungryghost All Star 88
    Lifetime Member+ doesn't show in the app?

    Sorry, Chuck. That information is not available through the Developer API. If RP ever adds it though, I'd be happy to include it in the app.

    this is really great

    Thanks, Gil! :+1:  Also, if you guys have a minute, rating/reviewing the app in the Play Store helps a lot. Thanks!
  • This is pretty good. I love this.
  • good to have
  • Long wait for this app. good job !
  • malu3163malu3163 Novice 1
    very cool
  • LLALLA Novice 2
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    Edited typo error.
  • LLALLA Novice 2
    Thanks. Just installed it. Works like a charm.
  • This is an awesome app- It is easy to read and setup- and lets you know real time what your balance and usage is.  Great APP!
  • I love this APP.  Perfect for your ringplus phone.  It is a MUST!  Easy setup and great usage information.
  • RP408133187RP408133187 Novice 0
    edited March 2016
    should get this
  • is there any chance of iPhone version?

  • hungryghosthungryghost All Star 88
    is there any chance of iPhone version?
    Sorry, there are currently no plans for an iPhone version.
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