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Neutrality is open for new subscriptions for anyone participating in the following promo

This application will safeguard consumer privacy and reduce data burn. It’s much more than a mere VPN application that allows you to use your cell phone without anyone being able to sell or access your private information. R+ Neutrality allows you to browse the Internet or use applications with almost no disturbing advertisements or pop ups, saving you around 50% of your data usage.

The increased deregulation of privacy rules for data used over cellular networks as well as the increased usage of non-secure public hot spots make this application very helpful and necessary for consumers.

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Neutrality connects you securely over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to your destination on the Internet. Neutrality reduces your cost of data by reducing the amount of unwanted advertisement on websites and during the use of applications on the phone. You will still see some advertisement during searches on certain websites and within applications, but the number of ads is already drastically reduced and will become less and less frequent as the service improves. Rest assured, RingPlus will not insert any additional advertisement as this would be defeating the whole purpose of Neutrality.

The Neutrality Android Beta Application, sent as an attachment to an email (if you post below), allows you to install Neutrality on your phone. As this application is not yet sold via Google Play, you will need to give permission to install Neutrality as an untrusted source. This is only because it is not yet sold over the Google Play App Store.

Upon installation, by clicking on and downloading the attachment from this email to your phone, you will be asked to enter your username and password. This username and password will be used to give you access to our cloud server (please find your username and password in our email to you). You can at any time enable the application by pressing anywhere on the screen or disable the application by pressing “disconnect” on the screen. The green color and the message “Neutrality Connected” indicates that your data is being safely transmitted over our virtual private network. If you see the symbol in gray and the word “Deactivated,” the app is deactivated; your data may no longer be safely transmitted as it is now regularly transmitted over the carrier’s network. You can always switch between the activated stage and deactivated stage of the secure connection by pressing on the symbol in the app.

While the application runs in the background, you can now exit the application using the back or middle button on your Android phone. If you want to check that Neutrality is still engaged, simply push on the application on your screen to check the status. If the symbol is green, it’s still running. You may see a key icon in the status bar at the top of your phone’s screen. The key may not always be visible, depending on the number of symbols displayed. The key icon simply tells you that you are connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

You can uninstall this application the same way you can uninstall any application on your Android phone. After you uninstall Neutrality, the service will no longer be available to you.

This is a beta version. Later versions will give you access via a web portal to implement parental control features that block access to predetermined websites as well as provide access to cloud storage and free music and video streaming, depending on participating MVNOs. We are also working with selected carriers to bring you zero or reduced rate data for video and music streaming. The iPhone beta version will be available soon.



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