[EXPIRED] Ebay flash that takes $15 off $75+ purchase

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  • FWIW, there was an Ebay flash that takes $15 off $75+ purchase; I used it to buy Red Pocket's 1 year essential plan so it turns out to be $7 a month (99-15)/12 = 7.
    500 min/text + 100 MB data on any of the big 4 networks for $7, is really great.
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    Probably not the best comment split there... 
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    Perhaps no graceful way to do it, but it didn't belong in the TPO promo announcement thread.    The best way to avoid an awkward comment split is to make sure it's in the right thread to begin with.
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    Personally, I am glad this got split.  The title peaked my interest. :)
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    It is over...
  • Red Pocket is one of my favorite post R+ cellular service provider, so I am following them very closely. Best time to buy is during the 2 week promo from BF to early Dec, and time it with the ebay flash.

    MintSIM is the other one for TMobile and the more generous allocation.

    With these said, I am about to complete the collection of having cellular service on every of the Big 4; already have Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. AT&T from this $7/month plan is the last piece of the puzzle.
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    Ebay flash coupons come about once every month.  Unfortunately, there's no warning and the window is usually open for only for about 5 hours max.
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    Activation for red pocket 1 year plan expires 1 year from date of purchase so one can always be patient waiting for a sale or flash sale.
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    Well spoken as a shark. :)
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    Not enough data for me.  It was good they increased it from 50mb to 100mb though.  I'd rather have 100 mins 100 texts 500mb.  
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    Dual sim unlocked GSM phone. Sim 1 Red Pocket T-Mobile . $7 a month for 500 min and text over GSM network.
    Sim 2 FreedomPop AT&T sim for data only. Free allowance from 600 MB to 1100MB

    So $7 a month for 500 min and text on TMobile, $0 for 1100MB on AT&T. 

    But that only works if you have TMobile coverage.
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    I used it to buy an iPhone 5s that was exactly $75 (plus about $10 shipping)
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