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How do I delete my R+ (service and social forums) account?


  • I was wondering the same thing too.  Any reason to leave them open?  I like to keep my accounts cleaned up.

    I was thinking about submitting a ticket, but was wondering if anyone was answering them.
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    The last I heard, tickets were still being handled, although nothing with phone management is possible any longer.  (No connection to Sprint's backbone.)  So, sure, go ahead and try a ticket if you want.
     The dashboard still looks functional.  If you have lines still showing as active (with FluidCall), you can cancel them in your dashboard under "Manage Plan".   My understanding is no account still has a credit card on file, so that shouldn't be an issue..  Previously, when you cancelled the last active line in your dashboard, your account would be closed.
      The login to the forum may be a parallel system, and it may not cancel when your phone account is cancelled.  I don't know a way to  delete a forum login through self-service.  Be aware that closing your forum account 'might' mean you would no longer get emails about other MVNOs announcing promos in this forum, and 'might' delete your forum login info..
      The emails announcing promos go to those who signed up for the "opt-in" notification  of RingPlus promos, regardless of when you signed up.  If you specifically do not want to get those emails, each one has a "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email.
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