Samsung's new messaging app helps people with speech disorders

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles April 26th, 2017: Samsung has developed Wemogee, a chat app that translates written phrases into emoji bursts conversations to help those with speech disorders. The project was created in order to restore the possibility for those affected by aphasia to communicate easily and quickly with their friends and family. Wemogee focuses on "bringing all users together again" regardless of their language abilities. Samsung Italia, the company’s Italy based team and develop team for Wemogee, believes emoji’s can help people with aphasia communicate with others around them. From the app the users can select from a list of emoji phrases, and those on the receiving end of the message will see a response in text. The app changes words into a series of emojis and vice versa; for example, "How are you?" becomes a smiley face, an "okay" hand gesture and a question mark and those with aphasia will select groups of emoji symbols that convey the statement they're trying to make into words. The app contains more than 140 phrases that cover day-to-day activities. Samsung worked with professors and neurosurgeons from the University of Milan to refine the emoji selection and translations. Aphasia is a neurological disorder that affects the language part of people’s brains so they often have difficulty speaking, reading, and writing. According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association, aphasia is often caused by a stroke, but any disease or accident that injures the brain that controls language, such as the Broca and Wernicke areas, can cause aphasia. About one million people suffer from aphasia in the US, and it's known that people with aphasia can communicate better by gesturing and drawing pictures. Wemogee also makes it easier for non-aphasic people to understand their loved ones with this and other language disorders. The Wemogee app is free to download through the Google Play Store and will be available soon on iOS.



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