Let’s Have Fun Together: Another Giveaway!

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Everyone can participate in this giveaway! We currently have two teams, Team TPO and Team SpeedTalk. Winners will be randomly selected for all prizes in this promotion.

Anyone who posts (including new and current posters) about the advantages of either promotion (TPO or SpeedTalk) on this thread will be eligible to win a Galaxy S6 (pre-owned, Grade A). In addition, five (5) new or existing people who participate on either team (Team TPO or Team SpeedTalk) that gains the highest percentage increase in new posters will be randomly selected to win 1 HTC Desire each. To be clear, the team with the highest percentage of new people who post about the advantages of either promotion will win; five (5) HTC Desire phones will be randomly distributed to randomly selected members of the team. The Galaxy S6 will be randomly distributed to 1 (one) poster, regardless of the poster’s team affiliation, regardless of which plan the person chooses to post about. The promo To join a team, post the advantages of one of the promotions from TPO or SpeedTalk. Please see the current teams below. You can post for both teams, but multiple entries count as a single entry. Your first supporting post will determine your chosen team. This giveaway is just to have fun!

This giveaway is open between now (please wait until the promotions are released tomorrow; your entry will count if you post now) until Sunday April 30th, 2017 at 11:59 pm PT.

The teams, as it stands, from our last giveaway:





@Catherine_M ;;;;




@TxHookEm ;;;;





@bluetooth-forest-green-argyle-carpenter-205974 ;;;;
































The promos will be posted here tomorrow as soon we receive them. 

TPO Promos

Plans available on the Sprint network and on GSM network

Nice Plan opened today (04/26/17) at 11am until Monday (5/01/17) 5pm

$8.99/mo - 100 Minutes 200 Text 200 MB full speed LTe

No Activation Fee

No overages 

Serene Plan opening Thursday (04/27/17) at 11am until Tuesday (5/02/17) 5pm

$12.99/mo - 750 Minutes 1500 Text 300 MB full speed LTe

$5 Activation Fee

No overages 

Very attractive international calling rates are available. For example, TPO offers unlimited calls to Cuba for an additional $15 while others charge between 30-60 cents per minute.    

Both plans have a usage safety cap so you won’t run into overage charges. If you choose to have more talk or text, simply recharge your plan online to restart the 30-day clock and replenish your allotments. Upgrades to other plans with data allotments can also be recharged at any time (during or at the end of your billing cycle).


SpeedTalk Promo

Both plans  bellow will opened today (04/26/17) at 11am until Monday (5/01/17) 9pm Pacific

Verizon Network


$9.99/month* - 100 Minutes 250 Text (MMS/SMS) and  200 MB full speed LTE

Auto Top 19.99

Ovrages $0.03


On T-Mobile Network


$2.99/month* - 50 talk, 50 text (MMS/SMS), and 50 MB LTE full speed data

Overage Rate MB $0.07

Auto Top Up: $9.99

---Important Information---

Auto Top Ups


Auto Top-Up is required to cover overages etc. If, and only if, the Top-Up balance reaches $2, another Auto Top-Up will occur. Auto Top-Ups will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.


Plan cost from the following Month will be deducted from your top up until top up reaches $2. If, and only if, the Top-Up balance reaches $2, another Top-Up will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.



A month equals 30 days billing cycle.

A non-refundable Top Up is required to cover overages. The first month plan cost and the auto Top Up will be billed to your credit card at the time of subscription. The plan will auto renew every 30 days if not canceled. SpeedTalk will attempt to draw your monthly plan cost from your Top Up balance. If your Top Up balance is greater than your plan cost, your credit card will not be billed. If the Top Up balance is less than your plan cost, or less than the minimum required Top Up balance, another auto Top Up will be automatically charged to your credit card on file. If for any other reason your auto Top Up balance is depleted (e.g., overages in minutes, texts or data), or your Top Up balance reaches $2.00 or less, another auto Top Up will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.


All plans on SpeedTalk Mobile are pre-paid and auto-renew. All sales are final. SpeedTalk Mobile reserves the right to refuse service at any time, to anyone, for any reason. All other SpeedTalk Mobile legal terms also apply, and can be found at https://speedtalkmobile.com/expoaws/speed.aspx/termsAndConditions . If there is any difference or conflict between the terms of this offer and any other SpeedTalk Mobile legal terms, the terms of this offer will control.

Get it at https://clubplans.speedtalkmobile.com/home




  • joseph1joseph1 MVP 35
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    TPO is the way to go. Why you ask? To support a favorite cause, I could say. But it's more than that. You support your pocketbook too, cause the money they save you will go towards a brighter future for you.

    TPO has prices that are unbeatable on a regular day. With these promotions they blow the competition away! Sign up, I say. And do it today! For a price that you can't go wrong.
  • No speedtalk is the way to go for tmobile.  You get more data and you can go over your data. For a charge

    With tpo you get cut off just after 250 meg.  Then you either have to wait till next month or buy a whole gig of data that is expensive and only lasts till you rollover next month.  So if you have unused megs you lose it.
  • akaLTDakaLTD Moderator 115
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    Oh this contest should be real fun. :+1: 

    Go teams go!  :) 

    I'll be the cheerleader ... for both teams. lol 

  • For me it's all about connectivity.  TPO is the way to go because not only do you get to connect with people via the affordable unlimited pans offered, but you can connect with (and support) others through charitable contributions the company makes on your behalf. Go Team TPO!
  • OK, here's a cheer for Team SpeedTalk (modified for cellular service instead of football):

    TEXT 'EM IN THE OTHER KNEE  :smile: 

    Go Team SpeedTalk and good luck to everybody! 

  • MoreFilesMoreFiles Pro 8
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    oh - we gotta wait until the promos are introduced .. saving my spot I guess:
    remind me to come back.

    Continuing in my pitch for speedtalk from prior thread: I would choose Speedtalk in this case. The data allowed seems higher and closer to our current low data usage.  VSP5P has 3 cent / MB overage so at least you can buy more.  If you only care about data this is cheeper than the TPO plan which you can renew when you run out of data. (if you have a provider preference TPO can get you on differing networks so it has that potential. 
  • For Team TPO! Hip, Hip, Hurray! For Team Speedtalk, good luck :)

    Four Good words regarding TPO, "Get it and Forget it!" Give it to family members like your grandma or kids and forget it. No need to monitor data usages to avoid surprises at the end of the month or set data limit (for android only) hoping it'll work or that you're setting it correctly.

    No need to worry grandma accidentally turns off home-wifi and watching  Youtube, streaming Netflix, fall asleep and having big expenses of overage charges. Safety Cap comes to your rescue in these situations! Sweet! 
  • SpeedTalk is my team, I like the plans they have offered here, they meet my needs.
  • Team Speedtalk, They also see to offer better deals from what i can tell.
  • Speedtalk has the better deals and should dominate the competition. Easy win ;)
  • Speedtalk, because it reminds me so much  of R+ former cellular plans, low cost, fixed allotments, overages and top up balance....the good old days.
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    I'm not sure about either company is offering "better deals"-- they're just different.  The TPO promos have been exceptionally priced for the right user.  I'm impressed, however, that SpeedTalk has found ways to address both the very  low end and high end of the talk/text market.
     (not cheering for either Team at the moment:  I'm waiting to see the new offers from SpeedTalk!   See TPO's new offers here:

  • I would like to see 300 Mins, unlimited SMS/ at least 500 MMS, 1000data for around $10
  • Jon_VV:
    I would like to see 300 Mins, unlimited SMS/ at least 500 MMS, 1000data for around $10

    Inc. taxes & fees, sounds good to me!
  • BNNYBNNY Novice 1
    Team speedtalk, 

    I would like to see 500 mins, 500 SMS/MMS, 1000 MB @ 4G LTE speed and unlimited @ 2G speed for about $10 with roaming capability

    or unlimited mins,sms/mms and 1.5GB @ 4G LTE speed and unlimited @ 2G speed for about $20 with roaming capability

  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    edited April 2017
    Well I don't really like the new speedtalk plans because they have had better ones in the past but I still vote speedtalk.  Tpo doesn't give enough data at those prices.  

    The speedtalk verizon offering is better than the 'nice' plan which operates on cheaper and inferior networks.  No one I know is willing to provide a basic amount of data on verizon (200-500mb) to those wanting to pay under $10 so I applaud speedtalk for doing so.  

    Also for a low user $2.99 a month is a great price for the other plan.  (Bring back the Hello plan though - $2.99 for 100/100/100 on tmobile.  Overages are better too at 5c.  )

    Good luck team speedtalk!  

  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    I would like to see 300 Mins, unlimited SMS/ at least 500 MMS, 1000data for around $10
    Inc. taxes & fees, sounds good to me!
    Whilst not quite what you want you did just miss the Speedtalk Now plan which includes fees and taxes. 

    Now Plan (TSP2F)

    $9.99/month* for 500 talk, 500 text (MMS/SMS), 750 MB Lte full speed data

    I think that is the best you will get for $10!  Otherwise you'll need to go to Mintsim and pay more.  

    You can vote for it to come back over at the speedtalk thread  https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/12071/speedtalk-2-99-plan-and-more/p1

  • The diversity of being able to get the award-winning Verizon network on Speedtalk just speaks volumes.  Go Team Speedtalk! 
  • mmfacemm:
    Whilst not quite what you want you did just miss the Speedtalk Now plan which includes fees and taxes. 
    Now Plan (TSP2F)

    Wasn't that on t-mo? Probably why I never paid attention. T-mo native is a no go for my needs.

    To be more detailed re the "fantasy" $10 inc. tax/fees 500/500-unlimited/1gb high speed plan
    - Sprint (w/Verizon roaming, at least for voice/SMS) or Verizon or t-mo w/At&t roaming or At&t 
    - 128k data after high speed 1gb is used up.

    That would do it.
    Who will do it first?
  • With TPO Nice plan, you just pay your monthly fee and forget about it.  No overages, no activation fees, no worries.  Team TPO rocks!
  • TxHookEmTxHookEm Novice 3
    The TPO Nice Plan & Speed Talk VSP5P plan are comparable in allotment, however TPO wins this match up because you get a choice of network (Sprint or GSM vs only Verizon), its 1$ cheaper (8.99 vs 9.99), no activation fee ( 0 vs 19.99 auto top up), no overages  (0 vs 0.03) and of course there is the advantage that seals the deal: TPO donates 10% of your bill to your choice of charity.

  • Depending on your geographic area, the network that is offered by the respective plans may make a difference.  Verizon beats out the Sprint or T-Mobile networks in my area, so Team Speedtalk gets the vote in my book.  The advantage of that leaves no contest. Speedtalk is the better one in that regard and should win :)

  • Speedtalk TSP1S plan for $2.99/month is the best since it is the cheapest plan. It's great for low usage users and T-mobile has decent coverage in big cities.
  • Zea-MaysZea-Mays Novice 1
    TPO has the charity advantage, though decoupling donations from shopping might make it easier to optimize both. There's also the question of favorite color (yellow, red, magenta).

  • errorerror Novice 1
    Judging solely from the above promos, TPO is the better choice. You get more for less and there's nothing to worry about with the usage safety caps. I'm sure there are plenty of people who are scarred for life from auto top ups and crazy overages. Plus, I'm not sure who would be willing to pay $2.99/month for 50/50/50...
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