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As of this week RingPlus know-how  makes discounted cell plans across multiple cell phone carriers possible.


New know-how reduces cell phone plan pricing and gives way to new technology, making small and midsize cell carriers a more attractive choice to consumers over the big 4.

Over the past few months, many cell phone carriers (MVNOs) have addressed RingPlus with interest in embracing and participating in different aspects of RingPlus. 


The result will be a vast improvements for the consumers, both immediately and in the long run. The immediate changes right now are:


1.     Discounted cell service prices plans,


2.     An independent neutral forum where MVNO CEOs and executives meet customers as well as develop new products together with the customer, a forum where customers and teams across multiple MVNOs help to solve problems.


3.     Technology that safeguards privacy and reduces consumers’ data cost.



 A Unique Independent Neutral Forum for the MVNO Community


Carriers will continue to post exclusive deals on our RingPlus Social Forum. Their Support and/or company executives will interact here directly with consumers with assistance from volunteer mods and ethical community as well as RingPlus employees, fostering a unique forum where your concerns are heard at the highest levels in each company.


Technology that Safeguards Privacy and Reduces Consumers’ Data Cost  

Today as well as in the past, RingPlus technology is and has been implemented in many MVNOs and MNOs alike, most often not visible to end users. RingPlus is sharing our technology and knowledge with all MVNOs willing to participate here. RingPlus continues to pursue our original mission and goal by reducing the cost of technology and operation to MVNOs drastically and showing the way into the future.

We do this for the benefit of the consumer, so that the savings can be passed along, therefore helping our community. The level of involvement varies from MVNO to MVNO. Some MVNOs will start by posting exclusive deals for the benefit of the RingPlus community (see the current deals for example) while others will participate and use RingPlus knowhow and technology.


However, attention should be direct to one of the major game changing technologies that will soon be released: RingPlus Neutrality.

R+ Neutrality

 R+ Neutrality will be released and launched in 30 days. Some MVNOs will dedicate special plans utilizing RingPlus Neutrality, which will be announced Friday in two weeks. The relevancy of this technology enhancement is clear: the latest developments in consumer privacy and net neutrality have pushed RingPlus to give R+ Neutrality priority.

 This application will safeguard consumer privacy, reduce data burn, and allow MVNOs to actively compete by offering free music streaming and other services. Benefits and cash paid to MNOs from third parties have been withheld from MVNOs long enough. R+ Neutrality levels the playing field so that MVNOs can effectively compete, reduce prices to consumers, and provide new technologies that benefit consumers a path into the marketplace, all while reducing consumers’ exposure to unwanted advertisement and invasion of privacy.

It’s much more than a mere VPN application that allows you to use your cell phone without anyone being able to sell or access your private information. R+ Neutrality allows you to browse the Internet or use your application with almost no disturbing advertisements or pop ups, saving you around 50% of your data usage.

R+ Neutrality allows partner carriers to offer special cell phone plans with zero rated data to specific destinations and will include free movie and music streaming as well as parental control features. Later versions in the upcoming month will also include cloud storage.

The increased deregulation of privacy rules for data used over cellular networks as well as the increased usage of unsecure public hot spots make this application very helpful and necessary for consumers.

Right now, major carriers can sell your information. RingPlus has always believed in the privacy of consumers. One example has been the RingPlus robot call blocker, a functionality that was very easy to implement, saving people from many spam calls filling up their voicemail or even directly disturbing them several times a day.

Consumers will see this and similar products available very soon via the RingPlus Social forum, either independently or in combination with some very attractive pricing plans from other carriers.

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  • Will the Social forum share some of the same principles as HowardForum?
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    @letterman-beige-glossy-748632 ; I saw your question about parental control on the TPO promo discussion.

     Neutrality will have some parental control functions for internet usage.  


  • Good to know @Karl is alive and well. :)
  • Will neutrality work both when on cellular data connection & while on WiFi data connection?
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