Google's New One Stop Shop App

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles April 13th, 2017: Google has released a new application for all your food and home needs. The new app, called Areo combines both food delivery as well as home services into one.


In a world where new “helpful apps” are created every minute there are few we can seamlessly add into our lives and frequently use. Google is attempting this with Areo, an app that can not only deliver your favorite meal from a participating restaurant, but now will be allow you to order services from local professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and even make-up artists.


The app uses a simple search function where you enter either the type of food or type of service you are looking for. You then enter the time you would like them to arrive, and pay for the services using online banking, credit card or cash on delivery. This is good news for local services as they are always looking for ways to expand their business and services. The app stays true to Googles “constantly experimenting with ways to better serve its users” ideology. Unfortunately, this app is currently only available in the regions of Bangalore and Mumbai, India. We hope to see this app more widely available around the world since many of us would rejoice in the ability to order a pizza right after ordering a plumber. 

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