At&t has blocked its billionth robocall

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles, April 13th 2017:

Together with a new program that detects violators through network data analysis, At&t has successfully blocked 1 billion robocalls. The new system scans through billions of calls daily in search for patterns that differentiate robocalls from all other calls. It also looks into suspicious activity that could be illegal or forbidden. It works by going against those who use the At&t network to send robocalls. This program joins At&t Call Protect, a service released last December, that helps protect users from receiving unwanted calls. The At&t staff looks through a preliminary list of suspected robocallers each day. Further research is done to avoid legitimate callers from being put into the robocalls list, one example school districts which send out calls frequently.

Telecoms were given more power by the FCC last month, where the FCC passed a rule which gives telecoms more power to reduce and stop scam and robocalls. These rules allow carriers to stop as many as billions of unwanted scam and robocalls before they even reach the user. Since the passing of this rule and At&t’s developed program completed, At&t has been averaging 12 million blocked calls per day.

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