Have you read the News?

Confession time-- the News section of the forum is not one I'd gotten used to visiting-- I normally use bookmarks to enter straight into Community or Deals.
   But.....   I've been checking it out lately.
  There has been a steady stream of really interesting telecom-related news stories, frequently with links to other sources for more information.  There's a lot of really interesting stuff here!

If you haven't, check it out by clicking on the News section in the top banner.

Thanks to @tweaver, @rp_mod_edgardo , @RP_Mod_Richie , and @Classifieds for providing such interesting articles and insights into these articles!  (And my apologies if I've missed any contributors!)


  • Yeah but...

    When R+ closed discourse and put "social" in front of their name I thought great, another Fakebook wannabe trying to be someone they're not, like many people on FB. I avoided it like FB only lurking every so often just to inject a tease. I'd sometimes reply to a posting then monitor any challenges or replies. As you probably guess, nothing there. If you're new to this internet thing the R+ news certainly beats FB, tweeter, snapcrap etc but I think most users here already have their favorite news aggregator/home page they're quite happy with.

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