Verizon Sued Over Cable Service

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Verizon is now the defendant in a new lawsuit filed in Philadelphia. The lawsuit alleges the company deceived customers into paying $10-$12 per month extra to lease a set-top box used to transmit cable television channels on multiple TV sets. The plaintiffs, who may have been cheated out of $30 million, claim that Verizon suggested the set-top boxes are necessary to receive the service on all TV sets. Around 140,000 Verizon customers in the area are leasing the set-box. The connection can be received via devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick TV, and can even be streamed onto televisions using a home's WiFi.

If Verizon won’t alert customers, then who will? Former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler attempted to bring reform to a $20 billion-a-year industry, but was replaced by Ajit Pai before the reforms could be pushed forward.

The counter argument is that the customers should have exercised caution, done their research, and looked into alternatives that cost less. Is it Verizon’s job to warn the customer about cheaper alternatives?



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