FTC Revives battle with At&t over Throttling

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles, April 10th 2017:

The FTC has revived a case from last year where they prosecuted At&t for allegedly hoodwinking consumers by selling them unlimited data only to throttle it after 3 to 5GBs. The case, which was blocked by a federal appellate court, received the ruling of the FTC being unable to proceed versus At&t because it lacked the jurisdiction against common carriers. The alleged deception occurred between 2011 and 2014, this is before mobile broadband was considered as common carrier service. In the ruling, the judges declared that At&t was a common carrier during that time since it provided traditional phone service. The FTC cited the recent change in the privacy rules to state that their removal highlights the “enforcement gap” constructed by the earlier ruling in this throttling dispute. At&t decried that Congress was aware of the past decision when the privacy rules were excised.

The return of this case could pose trouble for At&t’s new offering of unlimited data in their plans.

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