T-mobile's study on International Roaming

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles, April 4th 2017:

A recent survey by T-mobile and research firm GfK reveal that people do not understand or are unaware of how costly it could be for users who use their phones internationally. Travelers take their devices to stay connected to family and friends and also be able to translate, with the help of their device, the language in the foreign country. Besides that, there is also the fear of getting lost. In the study, 1 in 5 users reported to have gone to extreme measures to try and stay connected. Still 6 in 10 survey respondents are unaware of what it costs to use their device internationally. In the users who reported to have an idea of the costs, around 80% of them underestimated the costs.

Telecoms make a major profit from international roaming. It is good for the telecom but bad for the consumer. Bridging the gap between the needs of the user and the telecom is difficult but that does not mean that the telecoms are not trying. All of the carriers have unveiled international plans in which they try to reduce the cost but it is still expensive. Unless you are going to Canada or Mexico, each carrier has included use in these countries to be like use in the states, traveling elsewhere will lead to an extra cost on your bill. T-mobile is working on making use in every country zero cost, the other carriers are currently behind in trying to make this happen for their users as well.

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