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PagePlus generally had a decent, but not great help desk until Tracphone took it over. The service really got very good. Some months ago they moved their service to India and now things are horrible. I have auto renewal on three phone. Almost every month at least one phone fails to renew. While their hours have expanded the service has been horrid.They changed the way auto-renewal works without notice so the way it was renewing suddenly didn't work and I had to redo the process. When I noticed that  a payment wasn't processed and called to complain in April the Indian on the phone tells me a fairy tale that since February has 28 days my payment which is set for by date changed to a later date, but my month ends on the earlier date!  Use PagePlus if you enjoy headaches!


  • Why do you do business with Carlos Slime's America Movil? Its all the same clueless, malicious customer circus.

    Only thing to do with a Movil brand is never start or leave ASAP if misfortune befalls your MVNO and Slime buys it.
  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    Plenty of decent verizon mvnos - how much do you use?  
  • Call their parent company's Executive customer service at 305-715-6500.
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    I know American Movil is much maligned, for both cost and customer service..   I've had Tracfone service for a decade or so, it's been very competitive for the minimal use accounts I've had there, and I've not had any significant problems.   It does seem that when a customer does have a significant problem, it's difficult to reach a solution.  I've definitely heard of clueless customer service, but I don't believe there is malicious intent.

    I haven't had Page Plus service since they were absorbed.  I liked the service I had then, and I'm sorry to hear that the customer service has gone downhill.
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    I was with PP before the switch to Ring+ back in 2013... they were good back then. The overall plans etc. are still not bad there. They keep the plans simple and the prices aren't bad for what you get.

    One nice thing about them is that when plans change, you get the "new" plan the next month.

    I think there are better plans for light users (IE RedPocket via ebay) but to each their own.

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    Red Pocket revamped all their standard plans a few days ago. They may now be better priced than PagePlus.

    You can also consider Boom.
  • I recommend checking out Boom! "Network V". It's also on Verizon network and some of individual plans are cheaper. Boom also has VoLTE, better customer support, Verizon roaming (might be ending) and no problems with autopay. Also it isn't a America Movil company.
  • Roaming is gone on Boom. (The others never had Verizon roaming.)
  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    Boom still roams on the verizon extended network.
  • What is the difference between the extended network and the non-extended network?
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    I wonder how you can complain service of a company on R+ forum. 
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    I wonder how you can complain service of a company on R+ forum. 

    The forum has morphed a bit but it's still a very useful place to get info about various carriers/MVNO's. As such many former R+ members still come here when thinking about changing carriers. Especially since many might be getting ready to leave Ting as their credit get used up. 

    I guess I'm saying the forum is still valuable place to get and share info. 
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    If you want free Verizon roaming with a Sprint phone (at a price you can afford) I would seriously look into Twigby. I moved my father-in-law from PagePlus' 1200 Plan (1500 minutes) at $30 to Twigby's Unlimited plan for $15. It includes unlimited texting like all Twigby plans (which he doesn't use -- and he doesn't use data, so the GB he had at PagePlus was a waste for him). My daughter has gone to Twigby (200 minutes, $9 (unlimited texts), plus 2GB of data for $15 = $24). I'm using 500 minutes (unlimited texts) plus 500  MBs ($11 + $6 = $17, little over $19 with tax in Texas) and had a chance to test roaming last night (it should have been a Sprint area, but the phone wouldn't dial out, so the service "dropped down" to domestic roaming -- lot of new houses in my area, so I'm guessing Sprint's cells are overfilled). You can turn on overage protection for both calling and data, and, if you run out of high speed data, you get free 64k until the plan renews (with overage protection on). So far it's been great -- you even get the first month free to try it out. At this point all support is based in the United States. I can't guarantee the service will stay this good but for now I'm very happy with Twigby. Kind of like Ting, but at an affordable price. (Ting is not really set up for light users like me.)

    Another interesting "quirk" about Twigby -- they don't appear to charge tax or fees for the data (which might explain why it's not as high as it is on other Sprint MNVOs). I got billed for the 2nd month (first month I had to pay) at $11 for my minutes, plus $2.22 tax and fees = $13.22. My data was simply billed at $6 (they separate them in the invoice). Should also mention that Twigby includes tethering at no extra charge. And, they let you pay on your account in advance -- so I can pay when I want to (ahead of billing), instead of waiting for the charge to come through. They just put a credit on your account (like RingPlus originally did).
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