IMPORTANT PSA: FreedomPOP downgrade bug

There appears to be a bug in FP's system that misleads you into believing you've properly downgraded your plan & services but in reality it may not have. Your account will show you haven't signed up for any services and you'll even get an email confirming you've downgraded and cancelled Premium Services but when you follow the instructions in this link you might see Premium Service is still active and you'll be charged at the end of the billing cycle. 

Read & follow the instructions in this link to check if you're impacted by this bug:

This might be related more to the LTE SIM than regular CMDA accounts but never hurts to check it. 

FP will refund if you do get charged in error but why hassle with that when you can head if off to begin with. I was lucky to come across this page since turns out I was affected by this bug with only 2 days left before I would have been charged. 

There's actually 2 bugs the link will explain the 2nd one ... the only way to fix it is to contact FP. There are a couple phone numbers listed to call them to correct it. 


  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 221
    I am not sure but I did see Premium Voice enabled on one of my CDMA account... something that showed up on the FP App but not on the website - until I checked the direct link to account overview... it's disabled now and matches the app.
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    Edit: my bad... my adult onset ADD prevented me from reading OP's instructions! LOL!
  • I fixed my LTE sim account per the instructions but I have another problem.  I'm about 3 weeks into a Mifi 2 purchase.  On the website it shows Global 200 Plan 0/mo.  Usage so far for month is 172mb abd No Services.   Myfreedompop app for this shows 1.97 GB used, Your Plan $24.99 Global 2GB with Your Services None.  App also indicates Data Overview Base 2GB, Rollover None, Earned 700 mb, shared 450 mb and 3.12 GB Total.  So I wonder if the app is wrong?
  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 221
    App is confused because you downgraded from 2000 to 200 free.  Thus the 1800 difference. 
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