Tip For iPhone Google Hangouts Users

yfn34yfn34 Pro 9
edited March 2017 in General Discussions
PROBLEM: Hi ive been using google voice for service with using the hangouts app for incoming and outgoing calls but i had an issue that the hangouts app kept crashing on pickup of an incoming call and that it takes time to pickup since you need to unlock the phone.

SOLUTION: Don't rely on hangouts for incoming. Instead download the textnow app and get a free number. Set up your google voice to forward the calls to the new texnow number and turn off incoming google voice calls in hangouts. This texnow app integrates with the native iphone phone app so i have no issues anymore with receiving calls. There hasnt been an increase in latency either. I still make calls through hangouts though since outgoing works fine. Also if those textnow notifications annoy you you can turn them off of course. No need to even open the texnow app ever again just dump it in your garbage folder. Also make sure in the texnow app the voicemail is off so it still goes to your google voicemail.
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