S7 Edge not holding its value?

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Just found this interesting... S6 Edge+ and S7 selling for about the same price on Swappa.




  • Why would it with all it's issues

    Time they come out with s10 and skip the other numbers.  Add a quality guarantee for 2 years.  Also put back the removable battery feature along with External SD card feature.

  • Not really - looks like about $400-450 for the S7 and $300-350 for the S6.  The S6 has very few sellers so can up the price.  

    The cheap S7 has a scratch on the screen.  Probably more like Fair rather than good. 
  • The airlines are not allowing the s7 and s7 note on the planes.  Why would anyone buy it?
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    What issues does the S7 have that the S6 doesn't?
  • https://www.google.com/amp/www.recode.net/platform/amp/2017/1/22/14330404/samsung-note-7-problems-battery-investigation-explanation

    Even now the airlines have notice before you board.  All 7's  not allowed.  That is notes and galaxys.        The airlines offer you to make arrangements to mail it home. Not allowed on airplanes on or off
  • Only the Note 7  is banned.


    Now whether or not the airline personal and/or TSA understand the difference between the Galaxy S7 and the Note 7 ... that's a different issue.  I've read where people are having issues being able to take their S7... but technically, they are NOT banned on board the aircraft. :)
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    How would an airline staffer even know a device is an S7, unless you told them?
  • There is an announcement before boarding.   I do not what law you break if you disobey
  • I can only tell you what I heard. All samsung 7  not some.  All
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