Is Amazon Prime worth it?



  • akaLTDakaLTD Moderator 115
    Not for me. I rarely buy anything at Amazon and for those few things I might buy, it's usually through 3 party seller or I can find elsewhere almost as cheap or in some cases cheaper. I'm patient enough to wait for regular shipping so don't need 2-day shipping. And don't need access to their videos. 

    So, buying one of these phones at reduced cost would actually cost me more than the savings would be worth. The cost of membership is money that could be better spent buying it elsewhere. 

    Plus I don't want a phone with ads on the lockscreen .. just my personal preference even if it could save me a some money on the device itself. 
  • jamielihjamielih Moderator 126
    Yes, it's worth it. Amazon has incredible customer service. Their included music & video service is great. Having Prime is also much better if you have an Echo, Tap, or Dot.

    And I do have the Amazon ad-supported Moto G4.
  • They started to tax for almost all states.  So there is no benefit. Same price to Walmart or Bestbuy. Return hassle if you return something.  
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    I guess it depends.  I've been a prime member for many years. I find it is worth it for the shipping and the videos. I buy a lot from them. 

    Personally I don't think the discount is enough for the amazon version of these phones.  Tax can be an issue eg for the g5 plus I'd pay $203 for the amazon version buy at BHphoto I can buy the proper version for $230.

    I wouldn't get prime unless you are an amazon shopper.  I like the convenience and service there.  Walmart jet etc are decent alternatives but not quite as good for me.
  • ChelleChelle Moderator 121
    Don't buy Prime for the videos, because you still have to pay for most videos.

    I buy from Amazon every week, though, so Prime is worth it for me.
  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    Don't buy Prime for the videos, because you still have to pay for most videos.

    You have to pay $0 for all prime videos.  There is a selection and it isn't too bad.  

  • ChelleChelle Moderator 121
    The library of Prime videos has gotten very small and virtually irrelevant. Everything I care to watch requires a purchase, even for Prime members.
  • JandAJandA MVP 24
    It gets more worth it all the time.  The 2 day, next day and same day shipping has spoiled me so much.  We regularly stream Prime videos (typically older movies but still entertaining).  You need to keep a close eye on the selection as movies go on and off of Prime all the time.  We just add whatever we'd like to watch to our Watchlist regardless of whether or not it is currently on Prime.  Then we just keep an eye on it and watch when they get added to Prime.  Sometimes we'll pay for a movie but usually when we need to pay we'll use Redbox instead.  Their music selection is excellent and you can download it to your device for offline listening.  They've just recently added UNLIMITED photo storage (you also get 10GB free for video and file storage).  It's also worth it to Amazon as my annual purchases went up by 10x after I joined Prime. :s
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    I agree that your buying habits make Prime either worth it, or not worth it-- the Prime phones may tip the scale if you're close.
      I buy a lot of stuff through Amazon, both for personal and work needs: , Very little of it is the typical consumer stuff that people think of Amazon for.  I The selection is far greater than Walmart, Best Buy, etc-- and I buy hardware and electronic components, etc., too. Amazon Prime is my 'secret weapon' when I find myself jammed up for something we need at work.
    Thanks @JandA for the Prime video tip-- I didn't realize that movies moved in and out of Prime.  I've been very disappointed with the video selection thru Prime-- enjoy it if you have Prime anyway, but it's not enough to even tip the scale for me in considering whether Prime is worth the money.
  • I get free Prime as an add on from another members Prime.
  • JandAJandA MVP 24
    I've been very disappointed with the video selection thru Prime

    True, the video selection is definitely not a selling point, just something that comes in handy.  I forgot to mention that Prime members also get a free Kindle e-book each month.  You get to choose 1 of 6 selections for free and the others at a reduced price.  I don't think you need a Kindle as you can run the Kindle app on both iOS and Android devices.

    The program is called "Kindle First".

  • meanmean Moderator 63
    I buy from amazon everyweek! Its worth it. Same day delivery is pretty cool too. I'm also a Prime Fresh member.. so they have me wrapped around their fingers.

  • For me, it used to be but not so much any more. I could go either way.

    I have been a Prime member since it first came out. It was a lot cheaper back then and all you got was 2-Day shipping (and reduced price 1-day shipping).

    I used to do a lot of buying from Amazon. So, the 2-day shipping was nice. I used to watch a lot of Prime Video, but I can never find anything on it, the selection has gotten less and less since there have been more streaming services competing, and anything that I 'might' want to watch costs additional money.

    The only other Prime service that I like is Amazon Music. Even with that, I only get a limited library of music. I can get the full library if I want to pay another almost $100 a year!

    I recently did a feasibility study to see if I was going to continue with Prime after all these years of using it. With free shipping when ordering > $35 and with free shipping from many Amazon sellers, the savings from Prime is a wash. In other words, most of the time, the item plus shipping from a non-Prime seller came out to the same or LESS than the item with Prime shipping. That makes it hard to justify paying an extra $99 a year for the Prime subscription.

    As far as my music streaming goes, I have a few other (non-Amazon) music services I also listen to that are FREE. The drawback is they have a couple of commercials per hour -- which is not excessive and quite bearable. If I want to go with one of their premium services, I can pay significantly less for their premium service than it costs for the basic Amazon Prime subscription, get a commercial-free experience and other perks.

    The only reason I am still using Amazon Prime is because I only have to pay $49 a year for it. I had gone back to school a few years ago and changed from a full Prime subscription to a student Prime subscription. Because I had already been a full Prime subscriber, Amazon generously grandfathered me in to keeping all the benefits of the full Prime subscription at the Student price. (This included keeping all of my family under my plan for free.)

    I believe my special student rate runs out next year. If it does, I plan to drop Prime altogether since I determined shipping is the same or less than with Prime, and almost nothing else I use on the service will be missed. (I'll just take Amazon Music out of my list of music services that I frequent.) The only thing I'll miss is knowing that my packages will be here in 2 days (or 1 day with reduced price). When things are shipped with a non-Prime shipper, it's difficult to plan (with any certainty) when the package will arrive.
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    I have been a Prime member since it first came out. It was a lot cheaper back then and all you got was 2-Day shipping (and reduced price 1-day shipping).
    I'm in the same boat-- the free shipping, and/or ultra-fast low cost shipping is what makes Prime functional for me.  I'd be happier paying a reduced cost, and giving up the additional benefits.  Each time they raise the cost, I have qualms.   As long as I have Prime, I do make some use of the video library, Kindle First, etc.. 

    And back to the original topic-- yes, I've considered buying one of the Prime unlocked phones, as long as I'm paying for Prime anyway.......

  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    I buy from amazon everyweek! Its worth it. Same day delivery is pretty cool too. I'm also a Prime Fresh member.. so they have me wrapped around their fingers.

    I win!
  • doubleOZ:
    They started to tax for almost all states.  So there is no benefit.

    They started that for me when they built a distribution center in FL but now there's this:

    I bought my Nexus 6 (best phone EVER) from Amazon and they offered the usual Prime 30 day trial. I tried but just didn't find much that couldn't be found elsewhere. The only difference would be the faster shipping. But for me the bottom line is the bottom line. All things being equal it always comes down to price for the frugal.

    Even though this is about Amazon, I'm surprised no mention here of eBay. They're always on my comparison list with most vendors offering free shipping. I sometimes opt for offshore shipping (China) for a much lower price if it's for say a spare item that I know I'll use down the line. Like everything in life, everyone has their own preferences and requirements. Just look at the ever expanding number of cell carriers that appear on this R+ forum list (thanks R+ for keeping it open).

  • FYI, Amazon has added the option of monthly Prime membership for $10.99, so you don't have to commit to the annual membership. We recently had to order last-minute birthday presents via 2-day shipping. It was cheaper with a month of Prime than without it, and we get all the benefits for a full month! You just have to make sure you end membership before renewal. IIRC, you can do it immediately, or you can have them send you a reminder a few days before the next payment.
  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 221
    The monthly membership would be great, for example, for a month around Thanksgiving. ;)
  • SeadudeSeadude Novice 0
    I don't buy often enough from Amazon, but the prime service actually include prime music, prime video (a lot of amazon exclusive series now), and Prime Reading (great for kids). There are also other services included with prime, but I don't use them at all! For $99/year, just $8.25/month, it's certainly a steal. Go check out any other music service like google play music or sportify premium, prime music is certainly the cheapest. I also own a amazon echo dot which make prime music very accessible! Oh! the 2 day shipping when I do purchase from amazon definitely a plus!
  • 1birdman11birdman1 Moderator 49
    Well worth it (if you buy stuff in life) or are interested in the video's that they offer.
  • Well worth it for me ,too. I buy everything from a hard to find watch battery to an alternator for a car, and they are here in two days. And certain items are much cheaper than anywhere else; for instance, I purchased 4 Yokohama tires for $200($50 per tire) less than I could find anywhere else after extensive searching, and they were delivered overnight for free. Moreover the Amazon web experience is clear and precise, and if one does have a problem, they have superior CS.
  • What size? I've never seen a great deal for tires on Amazon. I usually buy (sometimes on a price match to a cheaper site) from Discount Tire Direct when they are offering rebates for holiday sale + rebate for using their credit (car care one) card stacked with a manufacturer rebate. I usually pay $20 - $35 ea. for a good to high quality tire after rebates ($120-$180 total rebates). For really large size/expensive sport rubber ($200 tires) their eBay promo usually works out cheaper.

    DTD rebates are painless online submission and come in two weeks, manufacturer rebates vary in ease of submission and fulfillment time. DTD credit card purchase is no interest for 6 mo. if paid in full by 6 mo.

    It has always worked out well for me.
  • Size:P185/55 R16. At the time, this was a somewhat OEM odd size and their were not many tire makers offering this size. Now there are more options. Yes, it helps to search for rebates and such. I was able to get $80 rebate on 4 Pirelli 80,000mi. tires from Walmart ( online ) that were already a good price.  I, too, was surprised  to find such a good tire deal on Amazon. I was also surprised to get a "new" Honda Accord alternator for $90+tax ( $150 for rebuilt at Autozone) with free shipping on Amazon. One never knows what one may find on Amazon.
  • din9alin9din9alin9 Pro 5
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    Well I recently bought 205/55-16 Cooper CS5 (better than middling touring tire) for $32 ea. after rebates from DTD.

    Autozone & Advance "rack rates' are for suckers and or their cheapest stuff is a bad joke in re to quality, but they often have discount codes that get them down to close to reality, if you need it today and its in stock otherwise (once again) I never found the best price for a part on Amazon.

    Often I am really picky re parts though. If there is anything more than an hr. labor and the simplest of tools involved I am going to be sure of the manufacturer / origin.

    As an example, I got a super cheap rebuilt alternator w/lifetime warranty from one of the national chain auto parts stores for my Blazer because I can change it out in 10 min. with a few simple tools that are in the truck and they are always in stock at every store. I think I went through 4 or 5 until I got one that lasted more than a few months to a year. On the other hand I have returned FAG branded (OE German manuf.) wheel bearings (that I paid more for) when I opened the box and the bearing itself was made in Korea, seen too many of those fail in 30k mi. Sent it back, told the vendor to send me a German or E. European made bearing as I stated in my order I wanted.

    Lots of crap rebulders out there (drive axles some of the worst examples) and crap replacement new parts from, mostly, China. I've seen some discount timing belt replacement kits for VAG / Porsche that made me shiver thinking about the damage they could cause if I installed them. For many replacement parts price is not my first criteria.

    Last I can recall I did find the best price on Amazon for a new magnetron for an OTR microwave a few years ago. Other than that and cheap Chinese LED flashlights I don't find much to buy there and I do watch some items via camelcamelcamel and other trackers.
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