$20 unlimited ATT LTE


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    The catch seems to be that I need to buy a Jaguar?  
  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 221
  • That comes to $1000 per meg lol
  • You don't need to buy a Jaguar. Lookup ZTE Mobley discussion on Howardforum. You can sign up for AT&T Unlimited Connected Car plan for $20 + tax
  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 221
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    That is definitely cheaper. :)

    How do you power a mobley at home? 
  • Just mod the 12v connection on pin 16 (positive) and pin 5 (or 4, ground). There are power adaptors for Mobley on Amazon or Ebay, but you can make one yourself for much cheaper. With firmware 1.0.1 update, the power save option on Mobley could be turn off so it will always stay on.
  • subhobrotosubhobroto Ethical Committee 80
    but you can make one yourself for much cheaper


    I would just go a nearby salvage yard and yank an OBD2 port from under a 4th Gen Toyota Camry. Their OBD2 port is really accessible, easy to remove and they break out the wires from the port for easy access so no work is necessary, at all (except removing the port from the car).

    If you are not feeling so adventurous, there is https://www.amazon.com/J1962-Female-Diagnostic-Connector-Pigtail/dp/B01M2VMO4C

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