SIM card, ting, and tello

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately my phone died a few days ago and I had to get a new one before this whole situation is sorted out. I picked up a moto g4. I have a few questions if someone is willing to help me out!

Can I/how can I reuse the SIM card from my LG Volt? I haven't been able to find anything about its compatibility. They're the same size. It came with a boost mobile sim card that worked fine on R+. From what I've googled it seems like I'll have to disable my dead LG Volt - I couldn't find a way to do this online. Am I just missing something?

If the answer to the previous is no: If I do buy another SIM card, my plan is currently to use the credit on Ting and, assuming they don't wow me (I'm single line low usage so the rates are higher than I'd like) switch over to Tello. Would the SIM card I can buy directly from Sprint work for all three carriers (R+, Ting, Tello)? If not, is there a card that would?

Thanks so much everyone!


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