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I didn't know where to post this so hopefully it is in a good location. I wish to thank you for RP Samara, it made checking my account so convenient. Hope you don't mind me sharing this quote from your Playstore page, I just wanted others to see what a class act that you are and how others should behave. 

Quote: "Also, I have decided to issue refunds for recent Samara purchases, made between Dec 1, 2016 and the present. For anyone who purchased a premium upgrade prior to Dec 1, 2016, and believes they deserve their money back, please contact me directly ( to request a refund (include your original Google Play order number)."

Also, thank you for
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  • alsals Pro 11

  • Would never ask for $ back,  used for several months & well worth it.   Thanks! 
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  • Awesome!  Fantastic App!! Thanks, @hungryghost ;
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    I've gotten so much more out of the app than what I paid for... 3 licenses. 

    With google surveys, it's a no brainer to get that app (when R+ was going strong)
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    class doubt ...
  • A class act would also offer me money I never paid into the app lol
  • That is a true class act, as they used to say.   I joined your forum and hope others do as well.   I agree will that that the APP was awesome.  Thanks
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    Thank You!!
    Amazing app!
    Awesome Ghost!
    I'm still awestruck that you were able to keep up with all the numerous plans.
    I plan to never delete Samara. lol :)
    I hope, that no one would make use of your generous offer.
    Thank you, for all the knowledge and information you have shared.
    And, thank you for always setting an example of how a well mannered and gracious gentleman ghost should behave.
    Best wishes.
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    Awwww, thanks for all the <3 ! Group hug!!!  :D
  • Awesome app.  If you ever need references, where here for you Hungryghost.  Albeit probably for a short time on this forum anyway.  Wish we had a place to reunite with other ringplus members once this all goes away.
  • Agreed, one of the best plan tracking apps ever developed! 
  • sweet-wavy-red-ladybug-845953:
    Wish we had a place to reunite with other ringplus members once this all goes away.

    Hungryghost has made a place for us.
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    "VoIPFanRP  All Star 71
    I saw my data usage went up by 500 MB over night which is hard to believe with my usage but I will confirm.

    I had a two RP Samara alerts that popped up on wife's line two nights ago (two data thresholds were passed), and I was very surprised... 

    I quickly disabled data on her line, then discovered that she was watching youtube videos on her phone, but had accidentally disabled both the automation software task and WiFi while playing with it.

    A last minute save by RP Samara.  Thanks @hungryghost !  D "

  • Thankyou @hungryghost , your app was the best tracker by far and it was def. a lifesaver. And the fact that you only charged $1.99 for the premium product was great for me as I was on a limited budget. 
  • Definitely. Even more so after seeing the Ting app... Maybe they should hire you?
  • Karl is going to keep Voip for now for us members.   I got switched to Ting but my zoiper still works..  When I make a call it shows in R+ dashboard as Voip call.


    It no longer registers in Samara app.   Any way to fix that?
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    It no longer registers in Samara app.   Any way to fix that?

    My RP Samara is still functional.

    Was RP Samara removed, then re-added to the smartphone?
  • VoIPFanRP:
    Was RP Samara removed, then re-added to the smartphone?

    No change.    at all

    Just stopped showing voip.   Is your voip showing up in samara?  Have you tested new calls?   What plan did you have?  Mad plum?

  • And of TPO does not have an App  he should be hired or maybe make more premium?
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    Just stopped showing voip.   Is your voip showing up in samara?  Have you tested new calls?   What plan did you have?  Mad plum?

    No, none of our family lines was on Mad Plum, but Mad Avatar and Mad Free Building Block did have VoIP allocations.

    My last FluidCall was at 2017-Feb-24 1457 hours PST.

    It's all a moot point now, because all of the family lines just switched to the "FluidCall International" plan, so calls will either appear in Voice or WiFi minutes, once the routing has been re-enabled at the FluidCall (FreeSWITCH) servers. :)
  • I just want to chime in with my own appreciation for HungryGhost and Samara.

    And mild amusement at how similar the Ting app looks.
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    Calls on the FluidCall International plan appears as regular voice (not WiFi) minutes in RP Samara. :)
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    Well, that's interesting. I just looked, and from what I can tell, these FluidCall International plans will indeed report usage minutes in Samara (as regular minutes, not WiFi, as you've all noticed). So, I see no reason why Samara alerts can't be used to monitor this plan.

    But, that said, none of this is officially supported (by either me or by RingPlus). We're entering uncharted territory, so don't be surprised if it just stops working suddenly. RP could decide to kill the API at any point.
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