Request to borrow loaner MEID/ICCID to free my phone

Hi everybody! Can someone be so kind as to loan me an unused MEID/ICCID so I can swap out my LTE smartphone? I used to be able to swap out my smartphone with an old  dumbphone MEID but it no longer works. Now, only another smartphone MEID/ICCID combo works to swap out a smartphone. I don't have any extra smartphone MEID/ICCID combos so my smartphone is now stuck with a R+ plan and I'd like to port out. Thank you very much to anyone that can help!


  • I want to swap also but I can't.  I need to free the sim I'm currently using I guess
  • what your guys plan to do after swapping your phone out? Close the account? Wait to be migrated to ting? I have a set if you want to use it temporary...
  • Hi pl2k, yes I plan to close out the line after swapping out my smartphone. Was gonna wait to migrate to Ting and then get Ting to free my phone, but if you need the the MEID/ICCID back shortly, I can close out the line. Will that release the MEID/ICCID? I'll PM you. Thank you for your help!
  • Have PM you the info
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