My number shows as active but the line stopped working

Could someone look into my issue:   

Unable to Make Calls #78942

One of my lines stopped working on Friday 2/10 afternoon. reset phone or update prl multiple times did not help. Cannot make or receive phone calls, texts, and no data connection. the error messages were initially message 5, then became message 7.
Since it was coincide with 2/11 'deadline' previously set, I thought it was time to port out. Initiated porting, but was told the number is deactivated on ringplus. However I still sees the line active in my account page. Please help me to restore the service or port to H2Owireless.


  • I had the same problem.  It's possible your payment got declined even though it is a valid payment source.  I had that happen 3 times to me over the last few months.  Two of the times I had two phones renewing the same day, but only ONE of the phones got denied.  If you can log in and see the phone lines they are still active.  I got charged after I ported out my numbers.  If it is really important to keep the numbers go to the payment area on RP and then click set as default.  

    And if the payment method is the problem then they will back up and charge you for every day since Friday even though you couldn't use your phone.  I didn't even receive an email about the failed payment for two out of the three times I had a problem with the line just stopping.  Does the phone line have a green dot or yellow dot next to it?  Every time that I had a problem with phone service there would be a yellow dot next to that line and it would say account suspended. 

    Like I said they will back up and charge you for a month's service even if you weren't able to use it.  I tried switching to the free plan they have, but didn't know they'd back up and charge me for the few days I couldn't use it  Then I got charged the top up balance on the free plan even though I had another phone with top up balance.
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    It shouldn't be payment issue. The other lines were not affected; these lines still have $20+ balance each, and have been on one of these free mad plans for a while now.
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    Happened to me also on a Mad Snow plan and I have 25> in Top-up......
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