Expomobile( Verizon MVNO ) for low text/voice users.

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I have a line with them for reliable voice and text as a backup. 
I use $10/90 days prepaid. 2c for voice/text/data.  Data speed is 124 kbps for prepaid.
For data, you need to buy at least $30 pin. There is no data for $10 pin. 
There are Verizon and Sprint plans. Rate is almost same. 
There is no hidden fees and straightforward. 

The bad thing is there is no online account management and no rollover. 
You have to call in to check your usage or balance. 


  • Can you auto pay and can they text you usage?
  • ultimate-lavendar-houndstooth-gladiator-54876:
    Can you auto pay and can they text you usage?

    I think there is autopay setup on their website, but I did not try. No text inquiry. I have almost asked for the online account or text message inquiry for a year when started using R+. They are saving money on these things. 
  • RRBRRB Novice 2
    We switched Dad's line from Expo to Real Mobile 13 mos. ago so he could have mobile data with very low usage. His $20 annual plan lasted for 12 months with cellular data turned on in iPhone settings. 5c/mb isn't bad. 5c/minute too.
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