General Question For Those Who Did Not Port to Ting

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A few days ago, I successfully ported my number to Tello and confirmed that everything is working on their end. I was relieved the porting request was processed in under a week before the initial shut down date. However, after reading through the forum it looks like R+ will be migrating accounts over to Ting instead. I can still access my account dashboard here on R+, but I have no cell phone numbers listed. Normally, whenever we successfully port a number to a new service provider, the previous service usually terminates the account automatically. Because I can still access my (R+) account, I am having thoughts about a blank dashboard migrating over to Ting. Do we need to send a support ticket to have our accounts closed? This has me a little perplexed. If anyone can explain the procedures and what is supposed to happen, I would greatly appreciate it.

On a different note, I want to say thank you to R+, the community, and everyone else for the 2 years I have had service. I really wished things worked out for the company, but I guess it is time to move on. I wish everyone the best in the future!


  • To my knowledge, only the active lines (and those with port outs that were initiated) will be sent to Ting. 
  • Nope, you're in the clear. I moved my # over to Google Voice and within days I connected my previous R+ phone to Cellnuvo. Your old acct is something R+ has to do manually
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