Oddity: Lines ported out & working but still here & active too ?!?

Our 2 lines have ported to Twigby - this has been confirmed 2 different ways.

Our open tickets about those ports got form replies & have been closed...BUT:
Those same 2 lines still appear in our RP Dash and show there as 'active'.

This seems very odd.
Should we be in any manner concerned ??

Thanks for any helpful replies.


  • I ported out before and yes it still show active.  Just close the accounts and be done with as long as your lines are working with the new provider.
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    One reason to close the lines would be to be able to remove the card on file.  Several members have done this.
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    Winning carrier is supposed to inform the losing carrier as the final step, but this doesn't always occur.

    The final step by the consumer, if needed, is to manually close the line/account at the losing carrier.  This will prevent billing issues, and this is true for all carriers, not just RingPlus.
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    Of 4 ports out of R+, only 2 lines disappeared from my accounts.  After several days, I canceled one of them.  The other line still showed as active, but I finally canceled that one also.  The account itself remains, but that's not an issue.  If R+ provides the ESN, ICCID, MLS, and account address to Ting, they could port you out from Tello as well, because they match.  So cancel the lines if you are certain they are ported and working.

    Note regarding credit card removal - https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/comment/146773/#Comment_146773
  • Yes, and you can still use FluidCall for outgoing calls on the lines too! 
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