Porting my last and only M+ line out

Porting my last and only M+ line out, good bye all. 

Things I wish I did differently:
-Switch to mad Halloween instead of keeping my Mad Man cut in off M+ 3gb plan $9/month (cost me extra $50ish). 
-Wasted around $37 on the akula 2gb free plan. Last only 1 and half month.
-Use my top up balance instead. (over $100 across all lines).

Feel free to share your list.


  • Used my 70 Dollars spent on top-ups for Tello payasyougo instead. 
  • Ported all lines out left behind 53.28 and 22.86 from two lines.TBH I wont miss some things here and some I will.
  • not gotten 3 member plus lines for life in ending of december
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