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UPDATE: Firm date set for Ting migration, Feb 21st: https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/comment/148260/#Comment_148260 [Mod edit by akaLTD]

****Please scroll down to see the helpful links and additional info ****
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Dear Members,

We have some good news for you. RingPlus has reached an agreement in principal with its carrier partner to allow us time to migrate you all to Ting during the next 1-2 weeks (we will let you know the exact dates soon).

Ting is welcoming all RingPlus Members. Ting will honor all Members' current RingPlus Top Up balances with a credit toward Ting service.

Each member will start with a $35 credit, regardless of whether they have any RingPlus Top Up balance!

Those members who have a RingPlus Top Up balance higher than $35 will get the first $35 applied in full. Afterwards, the remaining Top Up balance (over $35) will be disbursed in $5 credit increments each month until the Top Up is exhausted.

After the move to Ting, Members will not have active service until Ting has collected a credit card from the Member and the Member has agreed to Ting’s terms of service online.

We are welcoming Ting moderators to RingPlus Social to comment on this thread. Ting moderators will be identified with a Verified Shield, and the name “Ting” at the end of the username.

Ting will also honor this deal for Members that have already switched to Ting. But please be advised that port outs prior to the migration could be slow.

For ongoing updates on the current and upcoming Ting processes go to ringtoting.com.

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Helpful info and links about Ting, the migration, updates and more

♦  $35 Ting credit - How it works for single account or when merging accounts **with example**: https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/comment/147898/#Comment_147898

♦  Top up's - How top up's will work **with examples**: https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/comment/147485/#Comment_147485


♦  RingPlus to Ting Migration FAQ - check this page for updates: https://ting.com/m/ringplus-migration-faq/
♦  Additional info on the RingPlus to Ting Migration: https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002455507
♦  How to contact Ting or get Ting Support: https://ting.com/support .... via Calling, Chat or submitting request online
♦  Ting's Rate page contains info on rates and contains a FAQ with additional helpful info: https://ting.com/rates ... You can also be used for "what-if" scenarios to help calculate your costs and/or to determine if one account using pooling is better deal than individual accounts.
♦ Ting forum for the RingPlus migration: https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000127367-The-Great-RingPlus-Migration-of-2017
♦  Be sure to check out the Ting Blog: https://ting.com/blog/

VIDEO: How Ting Rates Work | Ting 101

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Best Answers

  • JustenTingJustenTing Verified Poster 10
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    Hey everyone.  We'll be here to help answer your questions — and we really appreciate your patience, we're working hard with the RingPlus team to make the transition as seamless as possible.

    I'll try to consolidate my answers here (although we've got some reinforcements to help field your questions coming soon)...

    Page 1 Q&A

    Each account at RingPlus will be eligible for the credit and be migrated based on its email address to Ting.  If you need to recombine those into a shared account on the Ting side, we'll have a process worked out for you to do that.  We don't usually carryover Ting credits when combining accounts, but we'll have an exception for RingPlus TopUp credit that is honored in the migration.

    The migration will be relatively automatic.  You'll need to agree to the terms of service and provide your billing information when you first login to Ting.  We'll let you know when the time comes to take that step.  Beyond that, the credit will be automatic.

    Very peculiar automatic display names over here!  In any event, your number will be moved to Ting if you don't opt out prior to the due date (which we're working with Sprint and RingPlus to extend to sometime next week).  At that point, you can activate your new Ting account by providing your billing details and agreeing to our terms of service.  If you choose not to, your port-out information will be available on that same page.

    You can still port over, or cancel if your port has not yet completed.  We're working on a manual process to issue your credit to you.  Please stay tuned to ringtoting.com for updates on that.

    Unfortunately, Ting credits don't stack — unless you add line(s) or purchase devices from the Ting shop down the road.

    We should have your port completed before Wednesday.  Your TopUp balance will be honored manually since you're porting (not quite the automatic process we're also working on for folks that don't port).  If you happen to get hit with the auto-TopUp again, let us know at Ting and we can help get that back to you as Ting credit on the Ting side.  It's also possible that @Classifieds can update on how auto-TopUp will behave over the next few days.

    Let me know if my response above helps clarify.

    Your service will continue until we have the terms and billing agreement process in place next week.

    Ting credit only expires if you leave Ting.

    Ting supports voice and text roaming on the CDMA side.  There is no extra charge for it.

    Per RingPlus account.  See the response to David above.

    Ting will honor the entirety of your TopUp credit, just over time.  We will also talk with Karl, Jerry, and  about the possibilities for Member+ benefits.  It's not really the typical Ting thing to distinguish one customer from another, but we realize Member+ folks have been especially vocal supporters of RingPlus.  Please stay tuned.

    Page 2 Q&A

    Yes, it will be an automatic migration if you don't port manually to Ting or elsewhere beforehand.

    The $35 will be applied in full to your first bill, if your first bill is over $35.  Otherwise, it will carry over.  The subsequent $5 amounts (if you had more than $35 in RingPlus TopUp credit) will be applied to your subsequent months' Ting bills.  We will be sad if you leave, but we make it easy and our port-out approval process is automatic (if your new carrier sends through the correct account number and PIN, which will be easily available in your Ting dashboard).  We appreciate you giving us a chance, though!

    If you have separate active accounts with RingPlus, they'll migrate over to separate active accounts at Ting.  We can then merge them for you manually if you need us to do so (once we verify each of your multiple mobile personalities).  We have a fixed cost with our provider for each month, so we don't currently waive your monthly fee if you don't use your line.  But you should definitely submit a feature request on the Ting side for a suspend option with a lower monthly fee — it's something I've been meaning for us to investigate the feasibility of for a little while.

    We're working with RingPlus and Sprint to keep your phones working until the migration, which will be automatic.  We appreciate your patience!

    I'm learning as I go.  Thanks for the tip — right now I'm just typing these responses in TextEdit as I go to try to get through your questions faster.  :)

    It'll be $35 per RingPlus account, or greater if you have more in RingPlus TopUp credit.

    We will absolutely honor port-out requests at Ting.  They make us cry, but they're fast and easy with Ting — so long as your new carrier puts in the account number and PIN correct, which we provide in your Ting dashboard.

    We'll have an exception process to merge multiple RingPlus accounts into a single one after the migration.  You can't normally merge accounts with credit on the Ting side, but we'll have an exception in place for RingPlus customers with credit from the migration.

    Each RingPlus account will be eligible for the credit promised, separately.  You can merge separate accounts back together after the migration.  Can you reach out to our help folks (help.ting.com) to figure out why you weren't able to port?  That being said, if you hang in there, you'll be automatically migrated without needing to port.

    We don't charge for activations for ESN/MEID/IMEI swaps.  You can do them yourself on your Ting dashboard, or we can help.  We don't support parking numbers (you need a unique and clean MEID for each one), but if you have that you don't actually need to use the phone to keep the number active, so long as you pay your $6 plus tax.  The credit will be $35 if you have a $35 TopUp balance — not $70.


    That's certainly the easiest course of action.  You'll automatically be migrated and we'll reach out when it's time to agree to our terms and setup your billing details.  Your login will be your RingPlus email address, but you'll need to generate a new password when the migration happens.

    You'll automatically be migrated to CDMA, but you can switch to GSM after that point if you'd like.

    We're fans of Tello as a friendly competitor, but we've tried to build a sustainable mobile phone service.  Many folks find they save lots with Ting, but we realize we're not for everyone.  We hope you'll give us a try, but we understand if you prefer to explore other options (and promise that we'll make it easy for you to port out if you go that route after the migration).
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  • RossTingRossTing Verified Poster 6
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    For those who manage multiple lines here (on different email addresses), it is easier to consolidate those lines on one account vs spreading them out over several accounts. It doesn't seem quite right that we would not be able to take advantage of the 35$ credit on those lines.

    We are discussing our approach to multiple lines. I am pretty sure that we will be clarifying it so that the credit is $35 per line and not per account. Stay tuned!

    Edit: We discussed it, and have since clarified that it is per account, not per line. Sorry for muddying the waters.

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  • akaLTDakaLTD Moderator 115
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    [MODERATOR COMMENT - This thread is to help RingPlus members learn about this generous offer & agreement Ting has made with RingPlus, so please keep all comments on topic to make it easier for Ting Reps to answer questions. This is not the thread to discuss other carriers or tickets previously filed with RingPlus support. Any comment made not related to this topic will be deleted. Thank you for your co-operation

    Helpful links ... these may answer any questions you may have

    Tings Rate page contains basic info on rates and contains a FAQ which additional helpful info: https://ting.com/rates

    RingPlus to Ting Migration FAQ: https://ting.com/m/ringplus-migration-faq/

    Ting forum for the RingPlus migration: https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000127367-The-Great-RingPlus-Migration-of-2017

    Ting blog post: https://ting.com/blog/ringplus-members-welcome-ting

    Post by JustenTing (Ting rep) has many questions that have already been answered: https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/comment/141961/#Comment_141961

    For more info about this Ting/RingPlus Agreement, please refer to this page: https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002455507



  • akula1488akula1488 MVP 45
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    Thank you and Ting! I kind of wish akula bot is still online to catch annoucement like this
  • DoctorDoomDoctorDoom MVP 40
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    Beats a blank I guess, and better than porting out to Tracfone and getting zilch.   
  • Thank you RingPlus and Ting!
  • ClassifiedsClassifieds RingPlus 137
    Ting is a create company. With excellent customer service. We belief our members will be in good hands.  
  • ClassifiedsClassifieds RingPlus 137
    @justenTing I will give you the shield in a moment. Welcome and thank you from RingPlus and it's members
  • joe1joe1 Pro 15

    Thanks, I'm so grateful the offer was made to members like myself that started the port out to Ting on Friday evening when the initial letter came out.

    I'm not worried about my port out taking so long now that the deadline isn't Feb 11 anymore.

  • DavidDavid Novice 3
    edited February 7
    How would this credit work if I have 5 lines to move (myself, wife, mother two kids). Would I need to open 5 separate Ting accounts, or could I put them all under one Ting account and have  $35 x 5 ines = $175 credited to the one shared account?
  • Do we have to do anything or it migrates by itself? If we do have to do something, how do we go through the "migration" system?
  • user11user11 Novice 1
    Does Ting have a 'Pay As You Go' plan? I make very few calls. Like 10 calls in a year...
  • short term, yes it looks good for the first month...but ting is way more expensive.
  • You get 1 or 2 months free from Ting...then you can either leave or stay
  • ClassifiedsClassifieds RingPlus 137
    Do we have to do anything or it migrates by itself? If we do have to do something, how do we go through the "migration" system

    You will have to do nothing until you are ported over to Ting than Ting has collected a credit card from the Member and the Member has agreed to Ting’s terms of service online

    Probably @justenTing can give more info what comes there after.

  • You mention that customers will be migrated over the next 1-2 weeks. Does this meant that the deadline to port (Friday, February 11 at 5pm CST) has been extended? Does this apply to those porting to Ting, or to those porting to other carriers, as well?
  • I started ports to Ting last Friday night.  Will they be cancelled so I can manage with this process instead?
  • oldbooks1oldbooks1 Champion 174
     We'll be here to help answer your questions

    Welcome,  it is great to have you here to help us.

    One question regarding credits:

    Does the $35 credit stack with a referral credit of $25 or is it only the $35 credit?

  • Seh-heeSeh-hee MVP 30
    edited February 7
    I started my port to Ting yesterday and it is in the process of porting. If our next billing period starts this week (mine starts this Wednesday), and we still have a positive balance in our account, will we be billed again, or will our top-up just transfer to Ting? I don't want have to pay out the minimum $10 top-up for my Mad Banana Muffin Holiday $4.99/6 days for 3 days of Ring Plus usage while the port is going through.
  • TxHookEmTxHookEm Novice 3
    @JustenTing ;

    for or people who have multiple lines that they manage and need to migrate over, will there be some type of assistance. Like in the case of the above member who has 5 lines (on 5 RP separate accounts) can someone be assigned to assist with this or will 5 accounts have to be made at Ting? 
  • So if I do nothing the line will migrate to ting (in due time)?

    Then I confirm w/ting (agree to tos & give cc info.)

    Will ring+ service continue, will my phone continue to work on ring+ after the 11th? or will it be dead from the 11th until ting gets the port done and I confirm it's & cc info. w/them?

  • canexcanex Pro 11
    During the transition period, what about port-out in progress? Will Ting honor all port-out request?
  • Is that $35 credit good till it runs out, since for my dad's phone it would be minutes only and about 500 minutes, so $6 for the 1 line plus 500 minutes for $9 is a total of $15, so with that I guess he could get 2 months free if he ported in?
  • The Ting Sprint Coverage Map shows Sprint roaming. Is it really available and (if so) is it included or sold at what rate? Thanks.
  • Will $35 credit apply per number or per ringplus account, considering situation of multiple phones with top up balance?
  • Many of us have multiple lines (I personally have 11 lines on 1 account)... Ting is only offering the $35 credit per account and not per line. Just in Top-ups, I have $306.31 remaining ... please, explain how Ting plans to handle an account with $100s in Top-ups. Also, to @Karl, @Jerry_GC, @tweaver ... I'm a RingPlus cheerleader and want the best outcome for you guys; however, I have to ask if there is anything in the works with any MVNO that will extend any extras for those with MembersPlus benefits? I can afford to lose some phone numbers and am willing to wait. I just do not want to lose my own phone number and trying to weigh out the alternatives. Please advise further. :) 
  • PRH14PRH14 MVP 30
    Don't forget the monthly taxes & fees - even if you don't use the phone it's going to be a minimum of $6 for the line plus the extra fees.
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