Moved from Giuseppe Farina to Mad Plum - Upgrade. Voicemail Not Working?

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Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and is having a great start to the new year! Hopefully someone can lend a helping hand. On one of our iPhones, we moved from the Giuseppe Farina to Mad Plum - Upgrade. When we call the iPhone, the line continues to ring and there is no voicemail. When we click Phone-> Voicemail on the iPhone, it attempts to call the phone number and we get a busy signal. 

I was under the impression the voicemail would be the normal iPhone voicemail with this new plan? To be clear, we did not sign up for the $1.50 voicemail service, but I thought maybe this was to enable voicemail like we had it before? We are perfectly happy using the onboard voicemail that Apple has. 

We've attempted a networks settings restore and upgraded to the latest iPhone iOS 10.2. We also did a PRL and carrier settings update. 

Any help or insight is appreciated. Thank you!


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    Legacy R+ plans, such as your previous Giuseppe Farina plan had R+ provided voicemail that you could control via your dashboard.

    Mad plans, since they are routed directly through Sprint and not through R+, either have, or have the option of purchasing Sprint voicemail.
    R+ no longer provides voicemail service other than through Sprint.

    Since you did not sign up for the $1.50 voicemail service you do not have voicemail.  You can go back and select that Add On for your Mad
    Plum plan but keep in mind that it is only Basic voicemail (no emails or transcriptions) and you are not able to subscribe to Sprint's Premium
    Visual Voicemail which is only available to real Sprint users.

    Another way to get voicemail with emails and transcriptions is by using Google Voice and giving out that number instead of your R+ number
    but considering how long you have had your R+ number I imagine that would not work well for you.

    I have no knowledge of "onboard voicemail that Apple has" so I can't help with that aspect of your question.

  • I don't think voice mail is included with Mad Plum. You might have to pay the $1.50 per month to have it. Also, best not to admit on the forums that you use R+ for business, it's against the TOS, personal use only.
  • This is great, thank you. So, we sign-up for a $1.50/month and we should be good to go. 

    Referring to the onboard voicemail, I meant tapping Phone->Voicemail where it just lists your current voicemail messages and you can select them, listen, delete, etc. opposed to calling your voicemail, entering the PIN, hitting 7 to delete, etc.

    I assume this $1.50 gives us access to the voicemail I am referring to, correct? iPhone Visual Voicemail like this:

    Thanks again for the quick help!
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  • Sorry for the confusion. We use the phone to test with our accessories, not the line itself for business!
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    My Android S4 came with a Voicemail app which allows you to see when you have new messages and listen to them and delete them without incurring charges against your minutes.  Sorry, but my Apple experience is limited to 4 versions of their iPods (1 Mini and 3 Nano's).  Not that I'm a phone bigot mind you, some of my best friends have iPhones  :p   I'm relatively sure some iPhone user here has voicemail turned on and can respond better to your question.  Where is @oldbooks1 when you need him?
  • good fix, glad you changed the wording.
  • Yeah, nothing like publicly pointing out a potential ToS violation here instead of privately via PM. :s
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    Yeah, nothing like publicly pointing out a potential ToS violation here instead of privately via PM

    I sometimes daydream about those potential private violations.
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