Help! Zombie phone. Can't create a ticket.

I need help.  I cancelled my account 18 days ago, so that I could activate my phone on another carrier (not a port-out; I don't care about keeping the number).  Not only did I cancel the account and forfeit my balance, I also removed my credit card.  Yet here I am 18 days later with still a completely active phone line and data through Ring+!  Maybe I'm stupid to draw attention to this, but I'm sure it can't go on forever, and I really need to switch carriers now.  The problem is, there is actually no way for me to start a support ticket because there is no longer any account listed under my profile.  I've been checking for weeks for live chat to open but no luck... Anyone know how to create a ticket if there is no active account listed in the drop-down on the support ticket page?


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    I'm sorry to hear about your problem, & I don't know how to create a ticket with no active account. If you're brave enough to provide via PM to me (a total stranger on the Internet who does not work for R+) the minimum personal information sufficient for R+ to identify you & your account, along with what you wish R+ to do, I can forward that information to R+ in hopes that your issue becomes resolved.
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    The first recommendation:
    Have you checked the MEID on Ting's website BYOD tester?
    If that test doesn't indicate the phone is still active on another carrier, the ESN is not tied up at RP. 
       In particular, a line at the bottom of the test result reading:

    "Looks like your phone is currently active. We can move your number ("port") to Ting and activate your phone in our simple activation process."  wold indicate that your ESN may still be held at RingPlus.

    If that test shows clean, try a Profile update, and/or carrier reset on your phone (which should remove the old RP settings from your phone).  Sorry I can't be more specific, but the exact process varies depending on the phone you're using.

    If the Ting test indicates that the phone is still active, I can offer an informal route of contacting Support that does not require a ticket.   (As a volunteer forum Moderator, I can send a request directly to the Support staff.)

  • Thanks for the reply.  I assumed that R+ would be able to identify me through this profile which is where the phone line account was held.  Are moderators able to see email address?  I just need them to deactivate my phone ASAP and release the MEID, so I can activate it on Sprint proper.

  • Yes, I get the "Looks like your phone is currently active" message at Ting.  I would just go ahead and request a port, but I stupidly didn't write down the MSL before I closed the account, and now I have no way to find it.

  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    Are moderators able to see email address?
    Moderators are volunteer members, not employees-- so we don't have access to any account information.

    I am only aware of 2 routes to get your message to Support under this set of circumstances.
    The first is to accept the offer of @jamielih ; (or myself) to pass this information along for you. 
      As noted, we're not employees, so "sensitive" information may not be appropriate, while enough information to identify the ESN, the RP phone #, and your ownership of the old account, would likely be necessary.  (the username associated with the line, and possibly the city listed as a billing address?)
       This information could be sent via Private Message-- just click on the avatar, look for the small 'envelope' icon, and click on that.  (Please do not enter the information in the large "Activitiy" field you will see immediately on accessing the Profile page, since this will post the information publicly.
       Moderators could forward this request to the Support team. 

    The second route available to you is via email to   This goes directly to an employee, so there should be less concern about sharing information with a non-employee.

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