I know this has been asked before but why is there not a free plan that has 500 min/text/mms ??  The current hot chocolate is for that means is 120.00 plus the top up of 30.00 = $150.00 ?? Is this really the only free plan they can offer for a new line ???


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    It appears that RIngPlus+ may be moving away from totally free plans. There are currently three low cost plans, do none of these suit your needs?
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    Not for new lines at the moment.  There is an upgrade to Hot Chocolate non-M+ but with allotments of "100."

    Hopefully, it's just a matter of R+ getting the dialers released, which will be required for the free plans to give them a revenue stream from the advertising.
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    Yes, it's been asked multiple times, and answered multiple times. 
    Since RingPlus seems to enjoy offering free lines, it seems that it is not possible to regularly offer free lines at this point.
    We all hope that changes in the future.

    For reference:  a few short months ago, a Mad plan was offered with 500/500/500/500 as a paid plan for $5/month.  It was very popular at that price point, and many members gave up much larger free allotments on the legacy system to get that paid Mad plan.
    If the 500 unit plan you're looking for couldn't be offered for free previously, it doesn't seem likely that it can be offered for free right now.either.
  • I agree that you should expect to pay about $5-10 for service right now with your usage (mad cappuccino is $8 with voicemail right now for what you need though a few cheaper ones have been available before that - you just missed a few this Sunday as a flash promo).  It should be temporary and you can switch to a new free plan once they get better.  I am doubtful any new free plans that are any good will be launched in the near future. 

    As a comparison Tello will cost you $21 a month for 500 of everything.  Or you can get a redpocket plan for $199 for a year (16.58 a month) with unlimited talk/text and 500mb 4g, 500mb 2g on any network off ebay. Mint sim cheapest yearly plan is $199 for a year of unlimited everything and 2gb LTE on tmobile.   Ting costs $30 a month.  TPO is $16.25 a month (unlimited texts) with the first month at $4.  Not many providers cater for the 500/500/500/500mb range. 

    Really paying $120 for the free member plus mad hot chocolate might be worth your while looking at the above but personally I'd just pick the $8 a month mad cappuccino plan for now and hope something cheaper comes up.  I have to retain hope that better free plans will be here within a year at the latest if all goes well. 
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    Hummm  I only need about 300 min and some text no data...that's what Im hunting for
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    Maybe you will get lucky with the next flash promo or next set of plans if you can wait a couple of weeks. 
    Otherwise the best on offer is mad expresso at $3.99+$2 voicemail.
    You won't find much cheaper if anything.
    We are all waiting for the dialers to be launched for better free plans.

    I hate that voicemail charge.
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    Hummm  I only need about 300 min and some text no data...that's what Im hunting for

    R+ had a free plan called mad fiesta with 500 everything and no dialer requirement and a free mad promo 1gb plan a few months ago. Like they say, "you gotta be in it to win it". If you go on r+ social once a day for the next 3 months, you will have a good chance at scoring a nice plan. Good luck hunting. In the meant time you can sign up for one of the paid plan, which for your case shouldn't be too expensive.
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