Port out - does ringplus have to "accept" my request?

I have attempted to port out my number from RingPlus. According to my other service provider the request has been accepted but not completely. I gave them my account number and pin my dashboard. Does RingPlus have to do anything to help my port out to number. On my other service provider, I can call out but I can't receive calls. I also can't send or recieve text messages. Any help would be appreciated!


  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    It's my belief that RingPlus will not do anything to hinder your port out-- and will, in fact, do what they are requested to do to make that process possible.

    I understand there are several parties involved in a port, of which RingPlus is one.   I understand that you have given your new carrier your permission to act as your agent in completing that port.  and that traditionally such actions are initiated and completed by the new carrier. 
      It does sound like your number has been released by RP, and that they have "accepted" the requests your new carrier has made for you., if the line is partially working on your new carrier.  Perhaps it's just a matter of waiting a little while for the changes to travel through the backbone system, or perhaps your new carrier will need to take further steps to encourage that process.
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