Suggestion/Idea: Mad Avatar Flash Promo

Just wanted to throw this out there - Mad Free Building Block is having a lot of problems that don't seem to be getting fixed.  @Karl @Jerry_GC Any chance you the R+ team would consider bringing back Mad Avatar as a flash promo or for a short time?  I had wanted to get on Mad Avatar, but it was discontinued just days before my plan was set to expire, and I was going to change it.  Anyone else who feels the same way, please support this thread!


  • If Mad Avatar came back, I would definitely switch to it.
  • No chance I'm afraid.  If the best r+can do right now is mad hot chocolate with 100/100/100/100mb then better free plans will not come until we see the dialers.  

    No free plans with the last flash promo.
  • I should have gotten on Avatar before the old one expired. Now I'm on the bulding block with a lot less data :( It would have been great if R+ gave everyone in the free holding plan a chance to move to Avatar, regardless of their old non-mad plan expiration.
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