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Mad Coffee House Plans

These plans are available for New Activations and Plan Changes.

Opening: January 5th, 2017 at 9:00 PM (PDT) while supplies last.

Dear Current and Future Members,

You will notice a lot of choices are available to you with this series of plans.

You will also find you have a lot of control over your data speeds and overages.

Please note there are three (3) series of plans. The first two feature paid plans, and the third is the Free Plans. Each series of plans feature their own set of selections you will need to make during sign up or plan change.

Thank you for your patience while we created these plans.

Best regards, 


*Please note that any applicable Activation fees will be billed directly to your credit card.

*Prices are subject to applicable telecom fees and taxes. 

Please click on the tables below to enlarge them.





About Member+

For information about Member+ subscriptions, please visit ;


Bring Your Own Device

You can activate a phone you already have on this Plan.

You can check if your phone is eligible in the RingPlus Check Tool at


Bring Your Phone Number!

For information on how to port-in to RingPlus, please see One Step Switch and Save


Eligible phones bringing your phone and phone number include Sprint Network compatible phones and other eligible phones from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile (and their MVNOs) as indicated below, and that pass the RingPlus Check Tool:


Additional Notices and Terms:
*Prices are plus applicable telecom fees and taxes.

Activation Notice
Due to the high demand of RingPlus Free Cell Plans and ultra low cost cell service, we have to implement some limitations with our wireless partners to handle the capacity. Any time during the promo, you may see a message during the sign up process; “We are sorry, but the maximum capacity has been reached please try again within an hour.” This means RingPlus had to temporarily close for new subscriptions, and will re-open soon due to the volume we absorbed within that hour.

Coverage is on the Sprint Nationwide Network, and may not be available in some areas. Service and data speeds may vary depending on your location and device.


Limited Availability
All offers available while supplies last.
Store Purchases
Please note that buying items in the RingPlus Store will NOT make the purchaser eligible for the offerings in this promotion.
All other RingPlus legal terms also apply, and can be found at Please read them. If there is any difference or conflict between the terms of this offer and any other RingPlus legal terms, the terms of this offer will control (i.e., the terms of this offer will override the other legal terms).




  • Great my program just notified me of this thread.
  • Just want to confirm if the free one is only 100/100/100/100?  Any advantage over building blocks?
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  • No Affogato ?
    No Cortadito ?

  • joe1joe1 Pro 15

    Bottomless data at 32k for 9.99 a month? That sounds very expensive for data that most users would only use a small amount of due to the very slow speed.

    What a shame the plans appear to be getting worse.

  • New plans available while supplies last?  Don't think you need to worry about that...
  • JTSR71JTSR71 MVP 19
    The overage choices for Latte and Hot Chocolate don't make sense.

    But apart from that, congrats to R+ for the effort they've put in to clearly present complicated plans.
  • Nice presentation, plans not exciting, the good ole RP days are gone. #JUSTANOTHERMNVO
    Paul_SthFrozen.wellricheydogwingmanjzxkboxvegasmarkbAnton_GWidsithZubrinfurry-sunshine-wavy-lake-95961and 6 others.
  • I like how for $30 I could go to Cricket, MetroPCS, or a half dozen other MVNOs and get Unlimited Talk, Text, and 128kbps data after the high speed allotment is consumed OR I could go to RingPlus and just get unlimited 128kbps.

    $9.99 for 32Kbps after LTE
    $19.99 for 64Kbps after LTE
    $29.99 for 128Kbps after LTE

  • Mad Mocha isn't bad compared to Ting price wise. People have to realize they have to pay sprint to keep the lights on. They dont have ad revenue on these plans as I understand it.

    If you need better coverage and data go for Cricket or H20Wireless on the ATT network. T-mobile is getting there bringing more competition in the market place and yes sprint isn't keeping up obviously. But for anyone looking for a deal you got this or freedompop.

    If you go with freedompop I would look at freedom friends connect group on facebook to exchange emails and get more data free

  • The free plan for M+ is reasonable with the 1c overage option for free as well as free tethering.  
  • Howdy!Howdy! MVP 21
    Mad Hot Chocolate, a free plan for Member+, with no monthly fee and no activation fee, has unlimited texting. Is that correct?

    I see there's still a 10gb plan, which is great, although the price went up a few $ from New Years 3. This is one reason why it's good to hop onto a plan that you like instead of waiting in the hope of getting something cheaper.
  • mmfacemm:
    The free plan for M+ is reasonable with the 1c overage option for free as well as free tethering.  

    Heck, for what's worth the free non-M+ is decent too.  Free is free, after all!.
  • JTSR71JTSR71 MVP 19
    Is Mad Hot Chocolate better than VIP Pepper?

  • ChelleChelle Moderator 119
    I don't understand why someone would choose 10 cent overages for $0/month when they could get $0.0099 overages for the same price.
  • JTSR71JTSR71 MVP 19
    edited January 6
    I don't understand why someone would choose 10 cent overages for $0/month when they could get $0.0099 overages for the same price.

    Or why they would choose 5c overages for $1 a month. Yep, that's why I said earlier Latte Hot Chocolate overages don't make sense.
  • pl2kpl2k Novice 2
    Nothing is worth to switch to. 10c overage usage will kill you. Useless 32K for 9.99? I don't think so. If you still want to sign up, buy the safety cap. I do see some savings for the M+ but not worth to pay the new membership. 
  • Chelle:
    I don't understand why someone would choose 10 cent overages for $0/month when they could get $0.0099 overages for the same price.

    Pretty sure that is a copy/paste boo boo

  • I like the simplicity of the plans and plans' names.  Mad Mocha looks like a very good plan. For $10/mo., plus $1.05/mo.(30 cents for voicemail and 75 cents for Safety Cap) more and you've got Voicemail and "No Overages Safety Cap"!  This is the plan I'd be recommending my friends to. Only thing I'd suggest is for Ringplus to make these add-ons like voicemail, 3 ways calling,  etc available even after members choose not to add it at the time of activations and/or upgrading their lines. Some may not need voicemail now, but in future, may wish to add it to their plan. So making the such add-ons always available is far more convenience than changing plans.
  • ChelleChelle Moderator 119
    Bottomless data at 32k for 9.99 a month? That sounds very expensive for data that most users would only use a small amount of due to the very slow speed.

    That's "protect yourself from the abusers" pricing, right there.  They're having to price things for worst case.  Sadly, the few ruin things for the many.
  • Frozen.wellFrozen.well Novice 0
    edited January 6
    I am satisfied with my current plan. After so much of a wait, I was expecting something more attractive than the new year plans. Anyways, I would like R+ IT to fix the 2000 VOIP minutes issue of the Mad Building Block and let us use them ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.
  • akula1488akula1488 MVP 37
    edited January 6
    The math is pretty straight forward so no analysis from me is needed. Just be aware the New Year Plans 1-5 will probably go away soon especially after 9PM. So if a comparable NY plan that meets your need and costs less, you better grab it now
  • TJNTJN Pro 5
    edited January 6
    One of the new plans fits my needs perfectly. Thank you.

    The plans were also very clearly presented.
  • Finally @TJN !! Which one?!
  • So ringplus can you clarify whether hot chocolate will require the dialers when launched?
  • TJNTJN Pro 5
    Finally @TJN !! Which one?!

    Very funny...  The Hot Chocolate as my needs are light. I just hope I don't have any problems re-activating my phone as the status went to Suspended on Dec 31st. .
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