Four seconds later, the llama was not particularly thrilled about this situation.



  • johntour

    After leaving a lengthy comment about the new spam filter (bad habit of mine), I was wondering if you could/should close or merge discussions from several other spam forums like:

    and post a link back to the latest forum. As you know many will just start a new discussion without doing a search and increase the "knowledge base" that we must read through.

    And another forum maybe, it'd be great if like on some boards/forums I could say to display 25, 50 or 100 comments so one could use the CTRL+F to find my search term instead of wading through 15 pages to find my answer. Not sure if your software can do this.

    Anyway, thanks.

    September 2016
  • magnetic-beige-wavy-frog-539291
    Contact me ASAP about the 7 unauthorized charges your company has made to my credit card.
    September 2016
  • Nerd_Uno
    Having done what you're doing for many, many years, I just wanted to say I'm feeling your pain. I'm reminded of a colleague who told me once that he felt like the guy laying track in front of a steaming locomotive. RingPlus certainly would be a challenge from the CTO side of things. I'm amazed you guys hold it together as well as you do. Keep on truckin'. :-)
    May 2016
    • startledmarmot
      Hah - thanks Ward. I honestly don't expect 99.9% of our members to care how/why the free service works or the magic gets done, but it's always nice to know there is a sympathetic ear out there. ;)
  • subhobroto
    March 2016