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  • sour-black-pinstriped-crane-106879
    Hi Sothan,

    I'm hoping that you can help to forward my simple issue for resolution. I have an outstanding ticket that is over 3 weeks that hasn't been worked by anything in Support (ticket 60278)

    On early December, I was charged $2.99 to do a phone number swap. Per RingPlus FAQ, I was supposed to be assigned the area code (717) that matches my billing credit card zip code of 17067.

    However the new number assigned was NOT the (717) area code of my zip code of Myerstown PA 17067. It looks like I was assigned a number with (864) area code based on a zip code of SC 29614.

    I am looking for either support to assign a new number that is of zip code PA 17067. 

    If that is not possible, I was looking to get billing to issue  a credit of the $2.99 back to my account. That way, I can initiate a port in of a (717) area code number.

    Either way, RingPlus stills makes either $2.99 that I had already paid or even more with the current $10 of port in fee that I will pay to port in a correct area code number. Thanks for helping to escalate.

    December 2016
  • MaxXue
    Hi Sothan- I need help with getting a port messup issue resolved. My ticket number is #56293 

    It has been 3 weeks now that my ported number has been stuck in RingPlus/ Sprint backend systems. 

    RP technical support replied to my ticket 2 weeks ago confirming this and promised a resolution but nothing has happened yet.

    Worse still, since RP technical support reached out, I can no longer make any incoming or outgoing calls.

    Appreciate your help to escalate to RP techincal support again.
    November 2016
  • ultrasoul240
    My number which I initiated a port for is stuck in Sprint limbo land even though my original carrier AT&T has already released it to RingPlus over 2 weeks ago. My ticket #56293 hasn't had any response in the last 7 days. Can you help to escalate to IT? Cheers 
    November 2016
  • magnetic-beige-wavy-frog-539291
    Hey. I have been trying to get help from your company for over a week now in regards to now 7 unauthorized charges your company put through on my credit card. I have submitted a ticket, tried emailing, calling, posting on forums, and have gotten no help. I need someone to contact me ASAP at or call me at 7737900053 to reverse all 7 charges.
    September 2016
  • PhoneDude
    I upgraded to Mad Surfing BBQ Brisket on sept. 4th, and still have not received my $25 Top Up credit.
    September 2016
  • spectacular-crimson-satin-flag
    Hi Sothan- can you reach out to RP to understand what the updates are on the promised 1GB social bonus for Double Bring it over  2? 

    22 days has transpired since the 200+ folks that signed up for the  promotion and none of us have been been credited our 1GB social bonus. Several of us had submitted tickets a few weeks back but still no resolution as can be evidenced on the thread

    Many of us have messaged @Karl @tweaver @Classifieds @startledmarmot. Some of us have tickets opened for at least 18 - 20 days but no replies.

    Appreciate your intervention and help on this.
    August 2016