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  • Laura Lang
    I have purchased an apple 4 iPhone formerly used on Sprint network. This iPhone has no SIM card. When check my device by entering my MEID # using the R+ website, the reply I receive is that they could not find my number in their database. Does this mean R+ will not support this phone? Or iPhones earlier than iPhone 5. I can't figure this out. 
    May 2016
    • rosco
      When you get the message that the number is not in the database, that means that you're not able to use it on R+ unfortunately. Usually you should be able to use Sprint iphones on R+ but maybe 4 is too old? There's a chart that's usually included when they announce new promos of which iphone models is compatible with R+. I believe iphone 5c is the lowest non-Sprint iphone model. If you need further assistance, please post on the community and there are many helpful people to help you.
  • komoto3030
    When you told me Sunday that I was done  after ordering the loner galaxy s3 an just wait 3 weeks but that wasn't the case, yesterday I got a email telling me that my order had been cancelled and if I didn't cancel then it was their over zealous security that did it and they can't offer a explanation and there is nothing they  can do. Now  I called my bank and they said a charge was pending for $140 so there is nothing wrong on my end and now  I've lost the phone and the reserve spot on the  flash. I have 3  other lies in my R+ account and if is this the way R+ conducts business and retains loyal customers and get new ones through word of mouth I can't see how they could be a successful long term enterprise especially with no customer service to speak of (their service tickets &  CS chat are a joke) I've tried using them both for previous problems an neither of them work. The success of any business in today's world of high competition depends on good customer service and  communication with the people that buy your products ad support the company.  Feel free to pass this on to people you either work with, associate with or know at R+.
    Daniel Moody
    April 2016
  • Destroyer76
    How do I refer somebody then?
    April 2016
  • Data
    <3  Thanks for posting many good Q&A.  :)
    March 2016