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  • Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

    I remember my first experiences on the RingPlus forum-- Discourse, before this version of the forum.
    Members were very gracious in providing information before I signed up with RingPlus, and in helping me through the process of getting started with my older, and problematic, phone.
    From that experience, I learned exactly one tidbit of helpful information. 
    I  prowled the forum, looking for even less experienced folks that I could help with that one tiny tidbit (and found a few).

    One couldn't help but learn a lot from reading this forum--an amazing collection of helpful, and knowledgeable people, and an expert for nearly every situation..

  • Hello

    Hello, sovashadow!   Can you make my bonus points available in CellNuvo Gold?
  • MVNO Roaming

    If you need to contact 911, any cell phone will roam on any tower it can talk to, whether your plan allows roaming or not.
    The phone doesn't even need to have an active plan anywhere.

    I don't know if a 4-carrier phone changes the picture in any way-- for example, if you might have to have a CDMA SIM installed for it to reach out to CDMA towers.  Interesting question.....

    Past calling 911, roaming becomes really important if you're in underserved areas.  Or, carrying multiple backup phones.  A GSM phone with a FreedomPop LTE SIM (AT&T) is a handy backup phone if you're not currently using an AT&T carrier. 
  • How do I transfer minutes to another persons Tracfone account without losing my number

    als, I think your persistence in following up was a big part of your success!

    From your posts elsewhere, I think the first Chat agent told you the unit transfer between phones wasn't possible.

    A follow-up call, likely with the Executive Resolutions department, found an agent that was willing to bend the rules a little to make this happen.  You moved 'uphill' to an agent that had the authority to make it work for you. It was helpful that you stuck with the path in asking again, and that agent deserves some credit for being willing to listen and see how this made sense both for you, and for Tracfone in retaining a happy customer.
  • Hungryghost

    @PDFfile said:
    And for further consideration: Soteria1 has been a prolific poster on the Ringplus forum and never received any ban whatsoever. (To the best of my knowledge)
    To the best of my knowledge too ( :)  )  Soteria1 never received as much as a warning from a mod here.
    As a matter of fact, when the last election for mods and Ethical Committee was being planned, there was a thread where members could suggest who they would like to see run for those positions-- and Soteria1 was a frequent "Member's choice" suggestion for the Ethical Committee, following in the footsteps of hungryghost.
    @sleek-forest-green-wavy-journey-828418 said:
    The banned actions are probably more reflective on the governance style of the admin/moderators than it does on the actual posters.  The forum here (when it was truly active) was very narrow in scope, focused more on R+ and occasional comparisons with other MNVOs.  Nth Circle is more broad in the topics allowed, which allows more diversity in topics and viewpoints.
    Good points.  I would mention that, IMHO, hungryghost was one of the two Volunteer Members that were essential in helping the moderators here at Social establish their guidelines.  (And no, the other was not me.)  So there's a consistency across moderation in the 2 forums, as well as differences due to the different purposes and structures of the 2 forums.

    @als said:
     Meanwhile, please stay active and in touch on the ringplus forum
     Who knows what crazy fun we can get up to. It's almost eggnog season again
    I hope so!  With holidays approaching, I could use one of those memorable  menu/recipe posts again.