• Hungryghost

    Wow this is sad.  Sorry to see you banned.  If you want back in I will start an organized protest as I am sure we can persuade him of his error!!  
  • Delete pls

    Oh okay - thanks for that correction.  That would be good.  I mean we all lost cell service but you have to feel for those who had more invested like the employees.  
  • TPO June 2017 Promo - official post

    I've been getting 128k lately which is nice.  2g speeds that is.  
  • CellNUVO discussion

    After gaining my number back with no calling etc and then losing it (hands free activation loop for 2 days, meid released for activation elsewhere etc) --> I am now with my original number and everything works!
  • CellNUVO discussion

    Everyone is getting temporary numbers so we can make calls during the transition.  They are working on getting our proper numbers back onto the new system asap.  See nthcircle for plenty of discussion on this.