R+ member since ~ September 2014. Each member in my immediate family relies on R+ for its primary line. We really like the service. We don't use anywhere close to the alloted minutes & texts on our plans, but it's nice that it's there if we need it.


  • Is it possible to use a GSM SIM on an unlocked iPhone with service with Virgin Mobile (switch SIM)?

    @Diedrich_Duo said:
    Are all Moto G4s dual-SIM, or just some?

    I'm not aware of any dual-SIM Moto G4. I have not even bothered to Google search that, though.
  • Is it possible to use a GSM SIM on an unlocked iPhone with service with Virgin Mobile (switch SIM)?

    Not an iPhone here, but I use an FreedomPop GSM SIM in a Moto G4 phone that is tied to Sprint MVNO Tello's service by switching SIM cards when desired.
  • CellNUVO discussion

    @wireless-emerald-polka-dotted-wolverine-131848 said:
    disconnected, no service since aug 19, email them and reply with no estimate time back to service. I will port out tomorrow if not yet back to service.

    I'm experiencing the same as you. I imagine many other, if not all, subscribers are experiencing the same. It's definitely frustrating.

    Here's how I imagine your port out request will play out. You place request. Request is put on backburner by CellNuvo until subscribers gets their service restored. At that point, CellNuvo begins to process the backlog of support requests. Your phone begins to work. Some time after your phone begins to work (perhaps minutes, hours, days, or a few weeks), CellNuvo reaches your port request in the support backlog, & CellNuvo initiates the port for you. Prior to that initiation, you may have changed your mind about porting, because your phone had begun to work, & you placed a request to stop the port. Sometime after the initiation, CellNuvo reaches your request to stop the port in the support backlog, but it's too late. Your port completes at some point, & your CellNuvo silver is forfeited.

    And you are ecstatic.
  • SOLVED - Moto E4 on Freedompop as a Sprint CDMA device.

    @KentE said:
    It's been one of those mysteries to me that FP, and only FP in my experience, manages to activate Sprint-network phones without asking for the ICCID......  not sure how they know.  With a standard Sprint phone that's been activated before, I imagine they have access to the "last known" ICCID for a phone.  With a new multi-carrier phone (or at least new to Sprint network), that info wouldn't be in a database anywhere.

    CellNuvo (a Sprint MVNO) has activated my phone without asking me my phone's SIM's ICCID.
  • Does FluidCall VOIP work for anyone?


    Good to see you. Don't know how to delete R+ account. R+ doesn't really have your number, but I understand the number that R+ has on record for you can be used its SIP service, which appears to have crashed, despite Karl upgrading it from a Moto E 2015 (2nd gen) to a BLU device (GSM, even).

    Not sure there's a satisfactory way to unlink CC. If I were bent on "unlinking", I'd simply ask CC company for a new number. That can potentially have collateral issues.

    As for fun times with the old gang, in addition to R+ forum here, see www.nthcircle.com, a forum generously set up by former moderator hungryghost.