• Delete pls

    Hmm, I can't speak for all mods, but I haven't heard anything from Karl and team in a long time.

    There hasn't been much activity here since ring plus closed. 

    Sprint is offering free service now. 

    Best of luck to you though. Hope you get it!

    I'd not spend much time planning what to spend it on though. 

    I'd love to see R+ come out strong, but right now, it's not looking like it. 
  • Get 50% off your first TWO MONTHS of service at Twigby

    Still an active promo... but the $19.99 speedtalk plan is better (in my book). That's just based on Verizon 100% (not sprint roaming to Verizon) and my usage amounts.

    Twigby is still a great option, just be sure to look at the speedtalk $19.99 plan when the flash promo comes / is offered again.

  • Free Phone Drawing: Winners Announced!

    I'd guess the $19.99 Verizon plan and carrier... lets go with Twigby
  • SpeedTalk Weekend Promo

    Who is SpeedTalk, and why should I care?

    In my book... as long as they are cheaper and fit the customer service level you need, then that's about the only reply I have.

    If you can't save money or get better service or better reception with a carrier they offer, then no need to switch.

    As with all carriers, not every plan works for everyone.

    The current plan (as an example) is not a good deal for me. The Unlimited T&T with 1GB on VERIZON coming up IS a good deal for ME though.

  • Ghost in the Shell

    Just wanted to see if anyone was active.
    I guess not. lol

    I am. Your title got my attention, that's why I replied.

    Re: Active... I rarely post anything because it's generally followed by replies such as the one above. I was simply adding to the topic. Nothing was intended to be negative.