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  • CellNUVO discussion

    I would go with sending a message to CellNuvo support and include the details indicated by akaLTD.

    @akaLTD said:
    Though probably most important info they need is all your details:
    ph # should be: xxx-xxx-xxxxPh # showing in phone settings: xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Cell Nuvo acct #: xxxxxxx
    ICC ID:
    I also included the MIN showed within the phone settings. Check your Junk folder when expecting a response, as I had one of their responses sent there even though we had been corresponding prior to that. Good luck! 
  • CellNUVO discussion

    Sorry for the delay. I created the RP account after having waited for awhile following the instructions posted on the nthcircle by one of the members. The text comments were "Went here: my.redpocketmobile.com and created an account with the number and hex MEID of the phone". CellNuvo noted "Originally, Sprint didn't show your number active", so that explained all of the troubles with the activation. No number, no activation. The expiration part is also quite strange.

    I will say that after sending a few text messages to test the phone (currently working with them to solve some kinks they want resolved), having it use some data to try MMS (not working), and making two calls (a few minutes each), the balances show 200 minute / 200MB left and 2002 text messages left. Definitely way less than the actual used. No idea how they are factoring that. Just be mindful of that. I cannot possibly imagine having used more than 10MB in that process, but hey... who knows!

    At the present time, all items work except sending MMS and the voicemail. They insist on fixing that even though I could care less about those, so we are still in touch.
  • Is it possible to use a GSM SIM on an unlocked iPhone with service with Virgin Mobile (switch SIM)?

    Alright! Now that my Virgin service is active and the FreedomPop number ported to them, I have the final results to share which answers the original question. The iPhone used (5S) will take any SIM including the Tracfone (via Verizon) and reprogram itself upon booting. No negative impact was seen when returning the Virgin SIM back to the phone after having tried a FreedomPop SIM and then the Tracfone SIM. No idea if this would be possible with a carrier agnostic phone such as the Nexus 6P or those Moto phones being sold on Amazon. Thanks to all that chimed in to provide your thoughts!

    Another update:
    The same applied to an iPhone 6 that was assigned to another Virgin Mobil line. I believe it was further proof that this can be done. Just always remember that unlike the Verizon one, the Sprint SIM is tied to the IMEI of the phone.
  • CellNUVO discussion

    I saw the last few posts and figured to chime in tp say that it took several days for my Optimus S (yeah, old) to get the OTA with the PRL and Profile update. Manual attempts kept failing. The number did change (now a 2nd time for me). Time will tell if I get my old number back. Since its a backup phone, I am not worried though. Wish all of you luck with the service being stable while they finish the transition. 
  • Official Tello Mobile thread

    I just wanted to post a quick message to thank all of the Tello crew! You guys have been awesome and my experience with you guys so far has been absolutely spot on! Quick communication, great responses and resolution to inquires made, and the plans just simply fit my needs. Thanks again!