Happy RingPlus customer! :-)


  • Hungryghost

    @als said:
    Soteria 1
     Rock on!!!!!
     The Mick got banned from fancier places and never let it faze him.
     Who knows. one day you may be Sir or Dame  Soteria1 !!!!!!
     I will miss you on nth circle. You are the one that talked me into joining
     Meanwhile, please stay active and in touch on the ringplus forum
     Who knows what crazy fun we can get up to. It's almost eggnog season again.

    Reach for the stars, if it feels right!! :-)
    I'm sure in the desert,
    that they shine bright like a diamond.
    Your words brighten my darkest hour!! :-)
    I'm astonished that I was banished.
    Apparently, I am an evil racist.
    On top of White Supremacist, Russian, snowflake.
    All of which I had been called, on numerous occasions.
    Erroneously, I might add.
    Evidently, that is to be tolerated. Acceptable.
    My videos were in response to biased opinions.
    Devil's advocate.
    Never, indicated that I held these opinions.
    Just presented evidence, that you could find anything to support a biased narrative.

    Jeez, I need some eggnog.

    See you again! :-)

  • Official Tello Mobile thread

    @Diedrich_Duo said:
    Same here!  The other forums are good, but none of them are like what we had here.

    The RingPlus Discourse forum is the first forum I have joined,
     Nth Circle second.
    I joined so that I could express my appreciation for RingPlus.
    Discovered so much valuable information, and members willing to help and share their knowledge.
    You all are the best.
    Never realized that you could grow so fond of those that you've never actually had a conversation with! :-)
    Miss you all.

  • Official Tello Mobile thread

    @Diedrich_Duo said:
    He just posted on your thread at Nth Circle.  All is well!

    Happy to hear
    all is well! :-)

  • Official Tello Mobile thread

    Still love and miss the RingPlus community. :)
    So nice to see you all.
  • Official Tello Mobile thread

    Still loving Tello  :)