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  • Phone bought from RingPlus will not activate

    One more thing: I also tried the hands free activation & got the "1500 internal error" message.  Still get it now that the phone is working (sometimes that same "Hands Free Activation" just starts up on its own, maybe after I switch from using data to wifi?), but it does not affect the phone's functioning as far as I have noticed.  

    Good luck again!
  • Phone bought from RingPlus will not activate

    Deron  wrote:
         "Can anyone help?  I opened support ticket #36039 18 days ago (with the last response 12 days ago, which was unhelpful).  I bought a new phone from the RingPlus Store and it will not activate.  I've done everything I can find on here & online & believe the phone is defective.  I'm so frustrated, and from reading the threads, other people have had this problem too.  I bought a M830 (Galaxy Rush), tried the hands free activation & it gives me a "1500 internal error" message.  I dialed ##72786# like the R+ support ticket told me and this was useless also.  I've done the updates (PRL, firmware, & software).  I've tried the manual activation & it gives me the message   "Call customer care... reseller Partner Id not allowed for activation ."   I've even done a factory reset.  Absolutely nothing works.  I've talked to Boost (since it's a Boost phone) & Samsung support twice & they both tell me it's the phone.  I ordered this phone brand new from the RingPlus store because it was supposed to be simple that way."

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    Deron, I had the EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN WITH THE EXACT SAME PHONE at the end of April!  I also contacted R+ chat -- they just repeated what was on their website -- and opened several support tickets, most of which were never responded to.  I, too, contacted Boost Mobile and got nowhere (because I didn't have an account with them), and I tried chat with Sprint (same situation as Boost).  

    However, finally, after 3 weeks, one of the R+ ticket agents, Edgardo, sent a few other suggestions.  Not sure which one worked, but now my phone is activated and all is good.  Here are some of the codes he suggested I try, one of which must have done the trick:
         --Try dialing instead of your MSL, ##000000# or ##123456# or ##555555# and see if you can follow the programming instructions below.

    And in an earlier exchange, he wrote:
         --Let's have you attempt the specific programming steps below and this time please let the device sit for 5 minutes, this will allow it to fully program itself (certain devices can be a bit delayed with Over the Air Programming). Once successful, you can go ahead and test all connections. 
         (Underneath the last two sentences, he repeated the Android Manual Programming steps that it sounds like you already tried.)

    Hope this helps.  GOOD LUCK from a fellow activation survivor!
  • Mod 1birdman1 is an Awesome R+ Hero!!!

    I do not think they are saying they do not want to help... just that there needs to be more concise instructions available. We as the user need to be willing to do some digging as well.

    I totally agree with both of your points above!  It would be fantastic if R+ would provide clear, easy-to-understand information / instructions relating to issues that might occur.  

    As for doing some digging, I read and re-read everything I could find on the R+ promo details (and elsewhere on their website), and nowhere did their info address the question(s) I later asked on forums like this one. I also submitted multiple support tickets, most of which never got a response.  So that is why I started asking for assistance here.  I am grateful for the volunteers who are sharing their expertise and hope to be able to "pay it forward" soon by helping other R+ rookies with their issues.
  • Mod 1birdman1 is an Awesome R+ Hero!!!

    I am guilty of being an enabler. If I can answer an asked-and-answered-ad-nauseam question in a couple of sentences sometimes I will instead of finding a link to a previous answer.

    Thank you for your enabling!  Sometimes people just need a quick answer instead of having to navigate through other FAQs or links.  I doubt they would be asking if they could have found the info themselves.

    Actually, I have asked the same question more than once on R+ forums since joining, mainly to be sure that those who are participating in these forums are in agreement when offering advice -- a good thing given the general consensus regarding R+ customer service.  Without the help of people like you, I would probably still be waiting for a response from R+ on support tickets submitted over a week ago.  So, thank you again!
  • Truly Free 3 questions

    With the Surf 3 a couple days ago I was eligible for upgrade from TF3 but the free to free upgrade was delayed to the end of the billing period of the TF3 plan.

    I had the exact same experience when trying to upgrade from TF3 to Poppy Free Plan during the Memorial Day promo.
    When upgrading from TF to any other plan you are given the option to choose whether it should be immediate or whether you want it to begin with the next cycle.

    When I tried to upgrade immediately, I got an error message; when I set it to change over after this billing cycle it went through OK.  But it's worth it to wait a week or so for such a great plan!