RIP, RingPlus. Loved all the money we saved and truly miss our free-spirited community.


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    Looks like Twigby got their data speed options working again so that you can select anything from 64KB to full speed.  I just tried changing mine and it "took".
  • Get 50% off your first TWO MONTHS of service at Twigby

    @samkqboro said:
    Just tried the setting for data speed, and had the same experience as you two above. It keeps going back to "No Limit" aka "Max". I also didn't notice any speed changes, so it doesn't seem to be just a UI issue.

    Thanks for your quick response, @samkqboro and @Anytom!  Always appreciate support from fellow RingPlus refugees, and it's good to know (I guess) that I'm not the only one who has experienced a few gremlins in the Twigby system.

    I just finished another chat session with Twigby support, and I would like to give a public shout-out to their service rep Steve.  He has "drawn the short straw" and gotten me the last several times I've used their chat support, and he has always been courteous, helpful, and patient.  Today he got my voicemail working (confirmed) and my data speed set up at 512KB, just the way I wanted it.  He explained that it can take up to a day for the website to catch up with the settings, so I am leaving well enough alone until tomorrow evening when I will check it again, hopefully for the last time in a very long time.  So, Mission Accomplished (I hope)!
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    @KentE said:
    I'm intrigued.   Can you share your reasons for self-throttling, and how it fits into your use?  
      I'm not surprised, per se-- if I had a plan that allowed me to do so, I'd be tinkering with it, too.  Since that hasn't been possible for me, I'd love to learn from your experiences!

    I wish I could share some great rationales here, but I'm not really sure why I enjoy tinkering with my data speeds... probably because I'm still so new to smartphones and curious to see how the varying speeds work.  The video that was posted on the RingPlus forum a while back (done by Stetson Doggett on YouTube) was great, but as everyone knows, "YMMV".  I throttled my data at the 512 speed for all of my trip to Arizona earlier this month.  It really helped me avoid going over to the next allotment level on my account, and I didn't notice any appreciable difference in how quickly everything worked.

    I think I might have tinkered with my settings so much that I "broke" the Twigby website.  :o  As of right now, everything is working fine except for suddenly (as of this afternoon) having no voicemail.  Hope that everything will be back to normal again next week once my monthly plan resets... and no doubt, same for Twigby so that their "favorite" chat client won't need to chat with them again for a long time!
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    @BrentskyBoodle said:
    I would strongly suggest using Twigby for anyone looking for service. With them you get free Verizon roaming and the same unlimited 64k and you can actually get a customer service rep on the line in a matter of seconds via live chat on their site.  

    I can't comment on TPO since I haven't ever used their service or dealt with their customer service reps, but I second your comments regarding Twigby.  Their website is very user friendly, and if you need help their chat support is available 7 days a week, and all of their reps are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and patient.  I highly recommend Twigby for anyone who thinks they might need support or assistance -- the extra dollar or two each month (depending upon your plan) is well worth it!
  • Get 50% off your first TWO MONTHS of service at Twigby

    Quick update:  It looks like Twigby just added a detailed usage feature on their account info page -- similar to what we had here on our dashboard at RingPlus.  If you haven't logged in to your account for a while, check it out!

    EDIT:  Whoops.  They took the usage feature off the account page earlier today (June 14th).  I contacted their chat support and they confirmed that it is temporarily down for maintenance.  Makes sense based upon several posts indicating that the data tallies were either unavailable or inaccurate.  Hope they can get everything up and running sooner than later.