• Dianne
    I posted an answer to your comment, however I am new at this and I didn't know how to respond to your question directly. Therefore, it shows up much further down the list of posts on the same thread.
    December 2016
  • DingRing
    Ringplus is forcing us to spend at least $100 to just stay with it, or we lose our any current balance, topup money. Very bad
    November 2016
  • efbp
    Joined RingPlus due to referral by joseph1
    September 2016
  • neifri
    Got recommended to RingPlus by joseph1

    Thank you!
    September 2016
  • Hennie
    Was Referred to RingPlus by joseph1
    September 2016
  • pals23

    Thanks Tom that's some  good INFO

    June 2016
  • Tomastro646
    On your post about available RingPlus phones, I use eBay for whenever I need one.
    Go to cellphones and accessories....type in RingPlus phones. It will bring up a list of available phones.
    There were over 55 phones listed this morning, some as low as $20. There are several higher end
    phones ( Galaxy S4, Note 4, HTC M7, LG G3, etc.).   Also, any of the Nexus 5 or up, plus the Moto X
    phones from 2015-on will all work on RingPlus. Additionally, the 2016 Moto G4 phones coming
    available this summer will all activate on RingPlus out of the box.

    Hope this helps you out !!!!              Tom

    May 2016